CADSM 1.0 Screenshot CADSM is a basic 3D CAD with advanced Motion Simulation capabilities.

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CADSM is a basic 3D CAD with advanced Motion Simulation capabilities. It is suitable for anyone interested in learning 3D CAD and Motion Simulation inexpensively before using more sophisticated packages. Its motion simulation capabilities are comparable to the best and can provide accurate answers to engineers and scientists in diverse fields.

Educators, students and new engineers will find it ideal for the teaching and learning of geometry, kinematics, dynamics, vibrations, mechanisms, linkages, cams, machine design and physics. The application runs on Windows, Linux PC, Macintosh PPC and other Unix's. Assembly data are unchanged across platforms.

CADSM allows users to create and manipulate assemblies of parts. The parts are simple 3D solids, which can be connected by joints, constraints, contacts, motors, actuators, springs, dampers, forces, torques or gravity.

DXF files can be imported for use as parts. The parts and connections define the structure, mechanism or machine of interest. Both open and closed 3D loops are permitted.

CADSM performs full Multibody Dynamics analysis on the assembly to predict the motion according to Newton's Laws. Animation using the simulated data produces realistic dynamic behavior of the system.


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CADSM is a basic 3D CAD with advanced Motion Simulation capabilities.

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CADSM is a basic 3D CAD with advanced Motion Simulation capabilities.

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