Biorhythms Studio II 2.01.0033

Biorhythms Studio II 2.01.0033 Screenshot Biorhythms Studio II through having a friendly interface and a set of powerful tools helps people investigate their biorhythms with minimal effort.

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Biorhythms Studio II through having a friendly interface and a set of powerful tools helps people investigate their biorhythms with minimal effort.

Unlike other biorhythm programs, Biorhythms Studio II can graph 7 biorhythm cycles: intellectual, physical, emotional, aesthetic, intuitive, spiritual and one custom cycle.

It has an inbuilt analysis solution that will tell people all they need to know about their biorhythms.

Biorhythms Studio II offers you many features that let you enhance your biorhythms experience. Customize various graphing options – from start date to duration, from colors to cycles! Analyze your biorhythms in special mode, or compare them to another person to see how compatible you are.

Here are some key features of "Biorhythms Studio":

  • Graph and analyze your emotional, intellectual, physical, intuitive, aesthetic, and spiritual cycles
  • Learn about your past and future biorhythm cycles
  • Find out upcoming critical, zero, minimum, and maximum days for each cycle
  • Graph your own cycles, with "Custom Cycle" feature
  • Asses your biorhythm compatibility with friend or a loved one
  • Compare your biorhythms to that of your favorite celebrity or a star side by side
  • Find out when 2 or more critical days will coincide
  • Print your biorhythm reports quickly and easily
  • Export biorhythm charts to other programs
  • See highlights below to get your imagination going

  • Six Built-in Cycles
    Unlike other biorhythm programs that graph only 3 cycles - physical, emotional, and intellectual Biorhythms Studio II graphs six cycles: physical, emotional, intellectual, intuitive, aesthetic, and spiritual.
  • Custom Cycle Feature
    If six built-in cycles are not enough to suit your needs, the new custom cycle feature is there for you. It allows you to program your own cycles, with periods ranging from 10 to 100 days. This feature is not seen in any other biorhythm programs!
  • Biorhythms Comparison & Person Compatibility
    Biorhythms Studio II lets you compare your biorhythms to the biorhythms of another person, either loved one, or celebrity, or even a star. All you need to do is enter their birth date, and Biorhythms Studio II will provide you with charts of your biorhythms and that of another person side by side, so you can instantly see how compatible you are with each other.
  • Biorhythm Analysis
    Biorhythms Studio II features a complex biorhythm analysis solution that lets you analyze each cycle separately. It can graph the selected cycle in detail, automatically highlighting its active and passive phases, as well as critical days. It automatically warns you about these bad days in the analysis window, so you are always prepared. The analysis feature also lets you easily determine how many days into the cycle you are, and how active or passive is the current day for you. Furthermore, Biorhythms Studio II will provide you with helpful tips when you highlight the desired day on the graph.
  • Biorhythm Calculations
    Biorhythms Studio II can also calculate when the critical days of two or more cycles will coincide, so that you know when these especially bad days will occur in advance.

    Functionality & Ease of Use
  • Flexible Graphing Options
    Biorhythms Studio II lets you choose the starting date from which you want to begin the graphing, as well as duration, which can be custom or chosen from predefined values such as 1 month, 2 months, half a year, etc. You can also select which cycles you want to graph with a single click. Furthermore, you can select the colors and the thickness of the curves to create a more attractive chart.
  • Personalized Biorhythms Report
    Biorhythms Studio II doesn't just graph all the biorhythm curves - it creates a professional, personalized report with your name, birth date, and other initial settings clearly printed in the top left corner. It also puts the legend on the bottom left corner, so that you know what various symbols and curves actually mean.
  • Printing Support
    Biorhythm Studio II lets you print out biorhythm charts and reports with just a few clicks. In addition, you can easily customize the appearance of a printed copy. Modify various settings, like Zoom, presence of headers and footers, number of copies, space between the graphs, and more!
  • User Profiles
    Once you customized all the options, including your name and birth date, you can save them in your own profile, so you wouldn't have to customize Biorhythms Studio II again when you use it next time. This saves you a great deal of time.

  • Reliability
    Being built on the Microsoft Development Platform, Biorhythms Studio II presents a very reliable and stable application. Chances that it will crash are minimal, as its advanced error-handling procedures ensure it's always running fine.
  • Comprehensive Help
    Whether you are a novice user of biorhythm programs or someone who uses them frequently, you will find Biorhythm Studio II's integrated help system useful. It contains descriptions and comments regarding all of Biorhythms Studio II's interface elements, as well as explains biorhythm theory and provides description of various biorhythm cycles.
  • Easy Installation
    It will not take you longer than one minute to install Biorhythms Studio II. Should you ever need to remove Biorhythms Studio II from your computer, however, the uninstall shortcut can be accessed quickly from the Start menu.

    User Interface
  • Windows XP Theme Support
    Windows XP themes are now fully supported by Biorhythms Studio II, thus making it look more attractive. Smoother buttons, tabs, and other graphically improved controls make it easier for you to interact with the software.
  • Well-Structured Dialog Windows
    Biorhythm Studio II's main window and options window have a well designed layouts, enabling you to see tings at a glance and get started with graphing your cycles quickly.

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    Biorhythms Studio II through having a friendly interface and a set of powerful tools helps people investigate their biorhythms with minimal effort.

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