A+ File Protection 2.7

A+ File Protection 2.7 Screenshot A+ File Protection is a simple and useful solution that will assure the privacy of your sensitive files.

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A+ File Protection is a simple and useful solution that will assure the privacy of your sensitive files.

A+ File Protection is an easy to use tool which will hide/embed a file by encrypting it within another file - a BPM picture file. The carrier file shall look the same as the original without anyone to suspect than it also contains a hidden file.

The BMP file will look the same and can be viewed as the original BMP file after the intended file is hidden inside it.

The original files can be recovered only by the person who encrypted them or by the intended recipient using the correct password.

In this way you can securely store your sensitive files or send them via Internet by hiding them inside another normal looking file.

There are no restrictions regarding the type or size of the files you want to hide.A

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A+ File Protection 2.7 screenshot

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