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HideIt! 1.3 Screenshot HideIt! is your personal data key.

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HideIt! is your personal data key.

With its help, you can easily and reliably hide any files on your home or work PC from outsiders, and unauthorized users. Nobody except you can get access to your hidden folders and files. No one will ever know that you made some of your files invisible to others or even that there is some hidden data. The program itself does not require any installation and does not create any suspicious program files or other attributes that could attract attention and show that you are hiding your data.

But how is it possible to hide data without any complicated actions and any professional computer skills or knowledge? The solution is as simple as HideIt!

HideIt! creates guarded and invisible space on your hard drive. This space is a private "hiding place" where you can store private data that only you know about. The size of this data is limited only by your hard drive capacity. The "hiding place" will be masked by a file you can choose yourself and this file will be used as your secret data carrier and cover. It's just impossible for anybody to find the place where your data is actually hidden. The file you choose for hiding your data will also not be modified, its size remains the same as it was before hiding your data.

It does not matter what kind of file
you would like to use as your data hiding cover, it can be a simple text document on your desktop or even any system file from your Windows folder. You can still use or modify these files without any changes and it is always up to you which file you would like to use. Such a carrier file will be used as a secret link between your hidden data and the HideIt! program. Read more about HideIt! at http://www.guard-software.com/products/hideit/

Some features will not be accessible after 30 days of trial

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Authors software

HideIt! 1.3 HideIt! 1.3
Guard Software

HideIt! is your personal data key.

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HideIt! is your personal data key.

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