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EXE Password Protector 1.1 EXE Password Protector 1.1
ELTIMA Software GmbH

EXE Password Protector is a security software for Windows OS that helps you password protect any .

Time Control 2.1 Time Control 2.1
Computer Business Solutions, I

KidsWatch Time Controlâ„¢ allows you to: CONTROL when your children can use their computer and the amount of time they spend using it.

LockTheFile 1.8 LockTheFile 1.8

Every day you save new private information onto your hard disk drive.

Access Denied 4.00 Access Denied 4.00
Ivan Mayrakov

Security program requests username and password or simple password upon boot-up and locks desktop by one mouse click.

Lock It Down 2.0 Lock It Down 2.0
Lock It Down

Lock It Down is a powerful and easy-to-use program, no other commercially available program can do the same job.

Video Safe Video Safe

Video Safe - Make sure your private video collection stays private.

WinForcer 3.3 WinForcer 3.3

Prevent unauthorised users from running any Windows application you specify.

Spytech SpyLock 4.0 Spytech SpyLock 4.0
Spytech Software

SpyLock is a powerful and easy-to-use software utility that allows you to keep others from accessing your system.

Exe Lockdown 5.01 Exe Lockdown 5.01
Horizon DataSys Inc.

All new executables, introduced via any media source.

Unlock Administrator 2.0 Unlock Administrator 2.0
Esm Software

Unlock Administrator is a security configuration tool that allows a system administrator to specify exactly which users are allowed to unlock a Windows workstation.

The Lock XP 5.07.0130 The Lock XP 5.07.0130
CrashCourse Software

The Lock XP is a tool that provides user access, Internet and system security for any computer running Windows 95 to Windows XP (with Fast User Switching [also supports Terminal Server Connections]), and now supports Windows Server 2003.

Mouse Lock 1.65 Mouse Lock 1.65
Segobit Software

Mouse Lock is an application especially designed to prevent unauthorized use of your computer.

Folder Vaccine PC 3.3 Folder Vaccine PC 3.3
Horizon DataSys Inc.

Folder Vaccine PC - Easily Hide, Lock or Password-Protect any File or Folder.

Secure Folder Hider 1.3 Secure Folder Hider 1.3
Rebrand Software, LLC

A quick and easy way to protect sensitive information on your computer from children, employers, and anyone else who uses your computer, including hackers! Secure Folder Hider hides your sensitive files so that they can't be seen or accessed by other people.

PowerRestrictor PowerRestrictor

PowerRestrictor will let you take control of what others can and cannot change on you computer.

Natural Login Pro 1.10 Natural Login Pro 1.10
Palcott Software

Natural Login Pro - Highly secure login without password! At last a highly secure login software for Windows designed for human beings.

Deskman SE 7.0.6 Deskman SE 7.0.6

Deskman SE is a useful application that allows you to secure your computer in a snap.

Lock n Safe 4.4.0 Lock n Safe 4.4.0
Hotwired's Software

This small application works by restricting keyboard input and consequently preventing the user from switching tasks.

CheckQuota 5.0 CheckQuota 5.0
Timo Kosiol - Softwareconsulting

CheckQuota is the professional monitor program for directories.

AccessLock 2.81 AccessLock 2.81

Access Lock is an easy-to-use system-tray security utility you can use to secure your desktop when you are away from your computer.

Lockdown Plus PC 3.6 Lockdown Plus PC 3.6
Y0YS Software

Lockdown Plus PC is a powerful desktop security solution for personal or publicly accessible computers running the Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003 Operating Systems.

EXEsafe 2 EXEsafe 2

EXEsafe allows you to put a lock on almost any program file, such as a game, or your office software.

SafeLogon 2.0 SafeLogon 2.0

SafeLogon is a multi-user access control utility, password-based that complements the Windows built-in logon and authentication system.

Lock My Computer 10.0 Lock My Computer 10.0
Gulden Development

Lock My Computer secures a PC for use by a third party.

Program Sentry 2.1.0 Program Sentry 2.1.0
Leithauser Research

Provides access control and usage management.