XPcop 1.0

XPcop 1.0 Screenshot XPCOP is a software application for system administration, internet accouting, Web content filtering and bandwidth usage accounting.

Developer:   N'Liven Technologies
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OS:   Windows XP/Vista (?)
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XPCOP is a software application for system administration, internet accouting, Web content filtering and bandwidth usage accounting.

XPcop is highly useful for Parental Control, Internet Cafe billing/monitoring, Educational Institutes, gaming centres, Offices, Personal PC Security etc. Brief feature list :

  • Internet Security
  • System Security
  • Bandwidth Monitoring
  • User Creation
  • Configure
  • Time management

    XPCOP facilitates the Administrator to block unusual URLs. You can also restrict the users to access the sitesthat are allowed by you.

    Administrator can create a bandwidth limited a/c for a user which restricts the user's net usage to the allotted bandwidth.

    XPCOP provides the parent to generate and update a list of the users, where he/she can add a user by entering the name and password, delete a user and change the password of a user by choosing change password in the settings option.

    You can start the XPCOP with start up (whenever you start your computer you have to first enter the login name and password and then only you can move on).

    You can prevent your child from uninstalling the software by choosing 'Disable uninstall XPCOP' in the child user mode. You can prevent your child from changing the time settings of your system clock by choosing 'Hide System Clock' in the child user mode.

    You can also disable the task manager.

    Administrator can restrict user to run program exe on his/her computer . You can also keep a list of exes that the user can access and you can set them on user timer.

    XPCOP enables you to stop your child to access internet whenever he/she wants. By selecting a user you can limit him to access the internet in the time provided by you.

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