XP-Tweaking Tools 4.0

XP-Tweaking Tools 4.0 Screenshot XP-Tweaking Tools optimizes the performance of your PC.

Developer:   JPA-Software
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OS:   Windows XP/Vista (?)
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XP-Tweaking Tools optimizes the performance of your PC.

XP-Tweaking Tools can improve your system's performance by cleaning and optimizing your Memory or cleaning up your system from unnecessary files. XP-Tweaking Tools helps you manage and control your system: With XP-Tweaking Tools you can view your CPU-Usage and you can activate tweaks which optimize the speed of your System.

It also can show you a lot of information about your System.

XP-Tweaking Tools optimizes the performance of your Internet Connection: XP-Tweaking Tools helps you to tune up your specific settings to get the best possible performance out of your current hardware and Internet.

XP-Tweaking Tools protects your privacy: XP-Tweaking Tools helps you to protect your privacy and recover valuable hard drive space by removing all the personal information stored in your Internet browser (Cookies).

You also can deactivate some of the Phone-Home components from Windows XP.

  • XP-Tweaking Tools can be freely tried out for a trial period of up to 29 starts

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    XP-Tweaking Tools 4.0 screenshot

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    XP-Tweaking Tools 4.0 XP-Tweaking Tools 4.0

    XP-Tweaking Tools optimizes the performance of your PC.

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