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Internet Rocket Homepageware 5.0 Internet Rocket Homepageware 5.0
RoadSide Software, LLC

Internet Rocket is a simple tool for speeding up an Internet connection.

HiDialer 3.2.18 Build 1106 HiDialer 3.2.18 Build 1106
K&G SoftWare Group

HiDialer 2000 is a multipurpose utility to assist with DUN connections to the Internet.

.NETSpeedBoost Professional Edition 4.51.5930 .NETSpeedBoost Professional Edition 4.51.5930
Sillico Software


Accelerweb 2.0 Accelerweb 2.0
RoadSide Software, LLC

Welcome to Accelerweb! Accelerweb is the latest in simple Internet acceleration technology.

Virtual Serial Port Control 3.5 Virtual Serial Port Control 3.5
FabulaTech, Inc.

Virtual Serial Port Control is an ActiveX control which makes it possible to create virtual serial ports and fully control them.

IPligence Max 0711 IPligence Max 0711

IPligence is a geolocation software for the internet which allows high precision localization of visitors, immediately after entering on to a domain, without the need to store and analyze cookies or fill out tedious registration forms.

Net Switch 2.1 Net Switch 2.1
Net Switch Limited

Net Switch is a modern multi network manager, which helps you change network settings and switch between different networks easily.

FTP Shadow 2.0 FTP Shadow 2.0

Modem Booster 3.0 Modem Booster 3.0
inKline Global, Inc

Tuning your modem setting is as easy as clicking on a button with Modem Booster.

NetSpeeder 3.52 NetSpeeder 3.52

NetSpeeder is a professional accelerator.

DSL Speed 8.0 DSL Speed 8.0

DSL Speed is a prefessional tool that will online smart optimize your DSL (e.

NetScream NetScream

NetScream will modifiy your modem options, so those annoying disconnections and hang-ups will happen less often.

cFos Speed 3.22 build 1254 cFos Speed 3.22 build 1254
cFos Software GmbH

cFos Speed - faster Internet access with Traffic Shaping! Boost your internet connection with cFos Speed.

BeFaster 4.3 BeFaster 4.3
ED Company

BeFaster is an internet speed up toolkit with some powerful tools.

Internet Tweak 4.90 Internet Tweak 4.90
Magellass Corp.

With Internet Tweak you will be able to Tune Up Internet Connection and Optimize Internet Explorer Settings.

OSS Internet Speed Booster OSS Internet Speed Booster

Boost & optimize your Internet connection speed with this set of tools - A free utility to help you keep your system healthy and responsive.

Speed MASTER 1.0 Speed MASTER 1.0
CTnet Software

Speed MASTER is a software that improves your internet connection speed and prevents you from being disconnected.

TweakMASTER 3.60 TweakMASTER 3.60
Hagel Technologies

TweakMASTER, the supreme Internet Optimizer, which is actually four applications in one! It represents the culmination of five years experience by one of the foremost innovators in the field of Internet Optimization.

SpeedNet 5.1.3 SpeedNet 5.1.3
Paramagnus Development Inc.

SpeedNet features the SpeedUp tool, which optimizes your Windows registry settings; SpeedResolve, which stores IP-hostname translations on your computer saving you time when browsing; SpeedCache, which places pages linked from the page you are currently viewing into your browser's cache for instant access; and SpeedRetrieve, which splits a file into parts and downloads each part simultaneously.

SpeedConnect Pro 5.0.4 SpeedConnect Pro 5.0.4
CBS Software

SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator is a powerful, easy-to-use program for Windows 95/98/ME which boosts your Internet connection speed by up to 200%.

NetTweak Pro 2004 5.0 NetTweak Pro 2004 5.0
WyvernWorks Dot Com

SpeedOptimizer SpeedOptimizer
Speedbit LTD.

The SpeedOptimizer will optimize your Internet-related data transmission including loading of web page elements (text and graphics), downloading, uploading and streaming of content (music, movies, games, clips, etc.

cFos 7.20 build 3003 cFos 7.20 build 3003
cFos Software GmbH

cFos for Windows is a ISDN, DSL / PPPoE und ATM driver for Internet access and modem software.

Net Profile Switch 7.0 Net Profile Switch 7.0
JitBit Software

JitBit Net Profile Switch allows storing and switching between two or more network configurations.

Engineers Edition 3.3 Engineers Edition 3.3

Finally, a set of affordable Network Management Tools that work as hard as you.