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RAMScope 1.0 RAMScope 1.0

RAMScope is a powerful system monitoring and optimizing software.

MemoryBoost 2.60 MemoryBoost 2.60
Tenebril Incorporated

MemoryBoost frees unused memory, making your computer run faster and more reliably.

MemoryCleaner 1.47 MemoryCleaner 1.47

MemoryCleaner is an easy-to-use program for optimizing your memory and to boost the performance of your PC.

MemTurbo 2.1 MemTurbo 2.1

RAM Restore 1.0 (RC 1) RAM Restore 1.0 (RC 1)

RAM Restore is a very useful and advanced memory defragmentation solution which frees unused memory and defragments non-contiguous blocks.

WinUtilities Memory Optimizer 3.63 WinUtilities Memory Optimizer 3.63
YL Software

WinUtilities Memory Optimizer will help you avoid the problem of system shutdown, computer crash etc.

Tiny Dialer Tiny Dialer
SoftCab Inc

Tiny dialer is handy tool that replaces regular dial-up service of Windows.

AbpMon AbpMon
Igor Arsenin

AbpMon for Win9x/ME/NT/2k/XP can "Free RAM" on demand, Show Different Low Resources Alerts, Reboot, Restart, Shutdown System.

RAM Riser 4.1 RAM Riser 4.1

Memory Status 1.0 Memory Status 1.0
Mohamed Abd-Allah

Memory Status will display your system's memory status with a real-time graph of free physical RAM, and the percentage of CPU usage.

PCTurbo Memory 1.0.2 PCTurbo Memory 1.0.2
PC Turbosoft

PCTurbo Memory was designed as an excellent memory optimizer with beautiful interfaces which can optimize the PC system at real time.

RAMTweak 2.0 RAMTweak 2.0

RAMTweak is a memory optimizer and monitoring tool that enables you keep your PC running faster and efficiently.

MemWatcher 4.2 MemWatcher 4.2
Matrix Software

MemWatcher automatically frees up memory no longer in use by Windows, allowing applications to start faster and run smoother.

Memory Management System 1.0 Memory Management System 1.0
PB Software LLC

Is your computer running slower than it did when you first bought it? Are your programs crashing after you have been using your computer for a while.

StartWatch 1.0.2 StartWatch 1.0.2
SoftWx Inc

StartWatch is intended to help people who want to run multiple applications in a 24x7 environment, and do so in a manner that requires as little human intervention as possible.

Memory Sentinel 2.0 Memory Sentinel 2.0

Memory Sentinel Pro 1.0 Memory Sentinel Pro 1.0

ADing FreeRAM 1.3 ADing FreeRAM 1.3

Are you tired of "Lock Ups" "Freezes" "Out of Memory" Alerts and Constant need to "Reboot"? ADing FreeRAM application is designed to INCREASES the PERCENTAGE of RAM (random access memory) available to your computer.

Fresh RAM 5.0.0 Fresh RAM 5.0.0

Did you ever want to experience that additional performance you can gain from your system without any expensive hardware expenses? Well now you can thanks to Fresh RAM! Fresh RAM is one of the leaders in its categories of RAM Optimization.

CyberLat RAM Cleaner 2.3.32 CyberLat RAM Cleaner 2.3.32

CyberLat RAM Cleaner is the perfect windows utility that manages your resources to fit all your needs.

SuperRam SuperRam

SuperRam is a program will allow you to maintain and manage system's memory the best way.

RamSmash RamSmash

RamSmash will free wasted memory back to the pool of available resources.

SpeedItUp Extreme 3.60 SpeedItUp Extreme 3.60
MicroSmarts LLC

Speed It Up Extreme is an all in one Speed booster designed to significantly increase the speed of your computer and boost your PC available memory.

RAM Saver Pro 19.5 RAM Saver Pro 19.5
WinTools Software Engineering,

Easy-to-use RAM optimizer tool that will keep your computer running faster.

MemMonster 4.70 MemMonster 4.70

The main reason of most computer problems is: low Memory and Windows resources.