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WorkoutPlanner.NET allows you to gain control of your time at the gym. WorkoutPlanner.NET is a Windows software application that is a complete, easy to use replacement for a personal trainer. It includes a comprehensive selection of standard exercises with detailed instructions for performing each one. You can easily add your own exercise descriptions.

WorkoutPlanner.NET automatically schedules aerobic and strength training workout sessions for you and tracks the results of completed workouts. You select which exercises to schedule and how often each should occur. Adjustable parameters for each exercise specify the number of sets, the number of reps (repetitions) and the weight used for strength exercises as well as the time and machine setting for aerobic exercises.

Schedule a set of workouts for a date range (typically the coming week) with the click of a button.

Print your workouts and take the workout sheet to the gym along with printed instructions for each scheduled exercise (if you need them.) As you complete each exercise, check it off on the workout sheet and note any changes in the number of sets, reps or weight used.

Back at your computer, record the completion of the workout and note any changes (such as an improvement in weight used in a particular exercise) for future workouts.

Chart your improvement over time in terms of parameters such as number of reps, exercise weight or estimated one rep max weight.

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