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WatchDirectory automatically starts your .bat or .cmd file when the directory contents that this program is monitoring changes (a file or directory is added, deleted or changed). watchDirectory is a security software that can backup files that are created in a directory.

The bat or command file that is executed receives all information on what has changed on the command line and in environment-variables.

Basically you can do anything you want with this information. Several example bat-files to get you started are included in the online help.
There are more examples available on our web site and forum.

watchDirectory features
  • Automatically backup files that are created in a directory.
  • Automatically FTP modified files from a directory to an FTP server/web-site.
  • Automatically compile sources that arrive in a directory (Auto Make).
  • Synchronizing 2 directories.
  • Efficiently monitors directories: watchDirectory receives a notification from Windows when the monitored folder changes.
  • Easy to start automatically at system start-up.

  • 30 days trial

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    watchDirectory 4.2.5 watchDirectory 4.2.5
    GdP Software

    WatchDirectory automatically starts your .

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    WatchDirectory automatically starts your .

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