Visual Patch Express 1.0

Visual Patch Express 1.0 Screenshot Visual Patch Express makes patch creation simple and uncomplicated.

Developer:   Indigo Rose Corporation
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Visual Patch Express makes patch creation simple and uncomplicated. But don't be fooled by its simplicity -- Visual Patch Express is built on top of the same binary-differencing technology as Visual Patch 2.0.

Visual Patch Express creates smaller patches in less time than those created by competitive tools. What's more, you don't have to be a programmer to use Visual Patch Express!

Visual Patch Express features
Easy to use
  • Visual Patch Express makes single-version patch creation simple and uncomplicated. Just point Visual Patch Express to your previous and current software versions, and let it handle the rest! There is no need for any type of programming in Visual Patch Express.
    Fast patch creation
  • Visual Patch Express is a high-performance patching tool. In fact, its unique binary differencing engine is able to perform multiple passes in less time than it takes other tools to perform a single pass. Download the evaluation and see for yourself how Visual Patch Express leaves the competition in the dust!
    Works with Windows 95 through Windows Vista
  • Visual Patch Express was developed specifically for the Windows platform, and does not sacrifice performance to achieve platform independence. While other patching tools are dropping support for older operating systems such as Windows 95 and 98, we believe that your choice of a high-quality patch utility shouldn’t limit your potential market. Patches created with Visual Patch Express work just fine on every Windows operating system from Windows 95 to Vista.
    Automatic Target Detection
  • Visual Patch Express makes quick work out of locating your target application. Using a flexible combination of starting-point techniques (current folder, registry keys, file/folder searches) and key-file identification, Visual Patch Express can quickly locate the application files and folders on the system that require patching. Definitively identifying the target folder greatly simplifies the patching process and is a key requirement for ensuring that your software is patched quickly and correctly.
    Supports all file types
  • Visual Patch Express can create differences for all kinds of files. Because Visual Patch Express is extracting the binary difference between two files, it can effectively patch any file that can be accessed on your system -- software executables, word documents, satellite images, medical databases, ocean maps, game data files, and completely customized proprietary file formats.
    Support for large files
  • Visual Patch Express is exceptional in its ability to handle very large files (up to 2GB) and to encode these large files very quickly. By creating a patch instead of redistributing a large file, you save on bandwidth costs, and save your users a lot of time that would otherwise be spent downloading.
    Trusted by Professionals
  • Thousands of companies trust Indigo Rose software tools. In fact our products, such as Setup Factory, TrueUpdate and Visual Patch, are used to distribute and manage software on millions of customer and client systems around the world. Additionally, all of our products are backed up by world-class technical support services.
    Fast decoding and low memory requirements
  • Visual Patch Express uses high-performance file routines in order to apply patches quickly. Additionally, Patches built with Visual Patch Express require only minimal amounts of memory to apply, allowing files to be patched even in low memory situations. These aspects of Visual Patch Express ensure maximum compatibility of the patch executable across a wide variety of hardware configurations.
    Automatic rollback
  • Visual Patch Express automatically returns all affected files to their original state if an error occurs during patching or if the patch is cancelled by the user. This added level of safety ensures that files will never be partially patched on an end-user's system, and virtually guarantees that a file will not be left corrupted because of the patching process.

  • 30 days trial

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    Visual Patch Express makes patch creation simple and uncomplicated.

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