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Setup Studio 1.0.2 Setup Studio 1.0.2
Studio Software Ltd.

Setup Studio is an automated installation system for Windows XP and Windows Vista.

VAI InstallSpy 2.2 VAI InstallSpy 2.2
VAI bv

InstallSpy uses snapshot technology to record the changes that are made to the computer by a legacy setup program.

Agentix Installer 1.9.15 Agentix Installer 1.9.15
Agentix Software

Agentix Installer is a script-based tool that creates Windows compatible software installers.

SK Installer 1.4 SK Installer 1.4

SK Installer is a installer for Windows programs width compression With an accessible, easy-to-use interface, the software helps you create a setup in a matter of minutes.

VISE 3.61 VISE 3.61

Installer VISE for Windows provides an easy-to-use graphical interface for building a master installation set on CD-ROM or Internet distribution.

InstallAware Studio Admin for MSI NX InstallAware Studio Admin for MSI NX
InstallAware Software Corporat

InstallAware Studio Admin for MSI is a reliable program with the help of which you can import existing MSI/MSM setups as InstallAware projects, rebuild and change.

Dacris Installer 3.1 Beta Dacris Installer 3.1 Beta
Dacris Software

Dacris Installer is a scripting engine that allows developers to create custom installations for their software products.

TinySetup v2.0 TinySetup v2.0
DAIR Computer Systems

TinySetup installs and removes programs, adding less than 12K (typical) to download.

ActiSetup 4.5 ActiSetup 4.5
Dacris Software

ActiSetup is a fast development environment that you can use to create setup packages.

Instyler SmartSetup 2.51 Instyler SmartSetup 2.51
Instyler Software

Instyler SmartSetup creates user-friendly and professional setup programs for your software projects.

InstallAware Studio for Windows Installer X2 InstallAware Studio for Windows Installer X2
InstallAware Software Corporat

Setup Authoring Automation for Windows Installer: InstallAware is a useful and reliable software which provides an automation interface to programmatically generate and build complete setup projects.

PPCInstallBuilder Express 1.0 PPCInstallBuilder Express 1.0

PPCInstallBuilder Express builds installation files for Pocket PC's Features of the Express version are: Customization of data (Company name, files to include in CAB files, etc) Creation of CAB files Customized Readme and License file selection for the installation program Selection of Processors to build the installation package for (i.

Instyler Ex-it! for Windows Installer 1.00 Instyler Ex-it! for Windows Installer 1.00
Instyler Software

Instyler Ex-it! for Windows Installer is a powerful helper application to create single executable files from your Windows Installer (msi, msp, msm) files.

Neat Install 1.1.100 Neat Install 1.1.100
Nimble Software

Neat Install is a set of high-quality graphics compatible with the following installation tools: InstallShield, InnoSetup, NSIS, AWInstall, VISE, WISE, InstallWizard, Ghost Installer, etc.


IRAISETUP is used to create installation packages for WINDOWS 95, 98, NT4, 2000, ME, XP and 2003.

Tarma ExpertInstall 3.8.3382 Tarma ExpertInstall 3.8.3382
Tarma Software

Tarma ExpertInstall creates fast and compact software installers for Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Me, NT 4, 2000, XP and Server 2003 platforms.

BitRock InstallBuilder 3.8.1 BitRock InstallBuilder 3.8.1
Daniel Lopez

BitRock InstallBuilder allows you to create easy-to-use installers for Linux applications.

Easy Install Maker 2.2.0 Easy Install Maker 2.2.0
Softeza Development

Easy Install Maker is a installation development tool that enables rapid creation of compact and professional installation packages to distribute your software.

Windows Installer Command Builder 2.0.1 Windows Installer Command Builder 2.0.1

Windows Installer Command Builder will automatically create complex Windows Installer command lines within seconds.

BarbusLab MobiDB 2.1.1 BarbusLab MobiDB 2.1.1

The BarbusLab MobiDB is designed to create applications for mobile devices.

Actual Installer 7.0 Actual Installer 7.0
Softeza Development

Actual Installer is a professional software installer that enables you to rapidly create excellent installation packages for your Windows software.

Install Creator Pro 2.0.25 Install Creator Pro 2.0.25

Install Creator Pro is an amazingly versatile installation program builder.

Installer Design Studio 3.02 Installer Design Studio 3.02

Installer Design Studio will reduce the cost of application ownership and software distribution by simplifying the creation, modification and deployment of application installers.

InstallGadget 1.13 InstallGadget 1.13
Sweat Technologies

Simply drag a folder with your application in it onto InstallGadget and within 10 seconds you will have an installer.

MacInstallerBuilder 3.6.2 MacInstallerBuilder 3.6.2
SDE Software, inc.

MacInstallerBuilder is a solution for hard copy and online software applications distribution, allowing the end user to easily install programs or documentation anywhere.