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HTML Help Generator for Microsoft Access 2.2 HTML Help Generator for Microsoft Access 2.2

MS Access HTML Help generator creates context sensitive HTML Help integrated with your MS Access applications in seconds.

WebPacker 3.32 WebPacker 3.32
Bersoft Inc.

WebPacker was designed to help you in converting HTML files and related images into a single, compressed and encrypted HTML based eBook.

X2Net WebCompiler X2Net WebCompiler
X2Net Limited

X2Net WebCompiler 3 is a very powerful HTML compiler.

Abee Chm eBook Creator 2.11 Abee Chm eBook Creator 2.11

Abee Chm eBook Creator - The program for creating eBooks in the CHM format quickly and easily.

Paper Killer 2016.7.6 Paper Killer 2016.7.6
Visual Vision

Paper Killer is a professional software application for creating a manual, hypertext, HTMLHelp or WinHelp online help for your software.

MGTEK Help Producer 4.0 MGTEK Help Producer 4.0

MGTEK Help Producer is a help authoring tool for Microsoft Windows that allows you to create professional HTML help files and web based content from a Microsoft Word document.

WebExe 1.61 WebExe 1.61
Andreas Wulf Software

WebExe converts a single HTML page, or group of pages, into one single, self-running EXE file with an integrated browser.

FlipPublisher 1.0 FlipPublisher 1.0
E-Book Systems, Inc.

FlipPublisher is an authoring tool for digital publications.

Click! Recorder 1.4.3 Click! Recorder 1.4.3
Glue Software Corporation

Click! Recorder is a new tool designed to create step-by-step helps and manuals.

Desktop Author 7.0.01 Desktop Author 7.0.01

Desktop Author is an electronic publishing software that allows you to create 3d page turning digital web books.

HelpStudio 3.5 HelpStudio 3.5

HelpStudio provides you with an effortless way to create great help systems, which means that anyone who can use a word processor or HTML editor will be comfortable authoring help with HelpStudio.

SunRav BookOffice 3.3 SunRav BookOffice 3.3
SunRav Software

SunRav BookOffice - Your school, college or university can too drastically cut costs and become more environmentally friendly by offering students electronic textbooks, manuals and syllabi in HTML, CHM, PDF or RTF formats.

fpHelp Builder 3.2.2 fpHelp Builder 3.2.2
Franz AG

Authors can use fpHelp Builder to create online help for a software application or content for a multimedia title or web site.

EBook Maestro PRO 1.80 EBook Maestro PRO 1.80

EBook Maestro Pro is a useful application which offers a turnkey solution to organize e-publishing from eBook creation to product marketing to the best strategies how to sell eBooks on-line.

HelpCruiser 2.2 HelpCruiser 2.2
SunRav Software

HelpCruiser is for creating documents in various formats such as HTML, CHM, PDF, RTF & XML.

Abracadabra Instant Manual 2.156 Abracadabra Instant Manual 2.156
Abracadabra Solutions

Abracadabra Instant Manual - are you tired of manually copying screen captures to a word document when you create a manual? Are you tired of putting steps in the wrong order or missing them out completely? Abracadabra Instant Manual lets you create error free, easy to understand manuals in little more than the time it takes to perform the task you're documenting.

Windows Help Designer 3.8.7 Windows Help Designer 3.8.7

Windows Help Designer/HTML Edition is a specialized WYSIWYG environment for quickly and easily creating Microsoft HTML Help systems.

Flash Demo Builder 1.0 build 1200 Flash Demo Builder 1.0 build 1200

Flash Demo Builder is a useful program with the help of which you will be able to build flash product demonstrations, presentations, tutorials, and quizzes quickly and easily.

Text to HTML 1 Text to HTML 1
Southern Ocean Software

Text to HTML converts a book in text format into HTML files containing a separate file for the Index, Table of Contents and each chapter, links from the TOC to each chapter, and links at the end of each chapter to the next chapter.

VBdocman 2.25 VBdocman 2.25

VBdocman is a program for automatic generating of technical documentation from your Visual Basic source files with just few mouse clicks.

RoboAuthor 2016.7.8 RoboAuthor 2016.7.8
Visual Vision

RoboAuthor is a strong visual HTMLHelp (.

Softany Txt2Htm2Chm 1.2 Softany Txt2Htm2Chm 1.2
Softany software, Inc.

Txt2Htm2Chm is an up-to-date Generator that produces Html help(CHM) files, Website Help systems, E-books with a TOC, Normal e-books, FAQ Pages and Single Html files(can be converted to Word documents by Microsoft Word and PDF files by third-party softwares) only with Text File(s).

CryptoHelp-bundle 6.08 CryptoHelp-bundle 6.08
Anet Soft, Llc.

CryptoHelp-bundle is WYSIWYG help-authoring system for creating Win/HTML/Java Help files, RTF Manuals, Web sites and encrypted HTML Help files.

iShow tutorial builder standard 2.1 iShow tutorial builder standard 2.1
1st Studio

IShow is an easy-to-use presentation software.

Delphi Component Help Builder 2.1 Delphi Component Help Builder 2.1
Yuriy Shcherbakov

Delphi Component Help Builder is a powerful tool that quickly and easily creates help files for Delphi components to integrate it with Delphi IDE help system.