TimeSage 1.4.9

TimeSage 1.4.9 Screenshot TimeSage is a useful tool that generates time and can also keep track of the time spend on different projects.

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TimeSage is a useful tool that generates time and can also keep track of the time spend on different projects. It aims to make creation, usage, and management of projects with attached time sheets / tables, notes etc. as fast, easy, and free-style capable as possible.

The time collision detection is useful in cases where, instead of just using the "Start" and "Stop" clock functions, manual editing of time has been done.

Salary options allow for a wide range of configurations: E.g. breaktime, worktime, overtime etc. all weekdays. Systray and configurable hotkey support (latter can open/close either the program window or a "quick menu").

In general intelligent timesheet behavior: E.g. automatic handling of "time entry crosses midnight / spans multiple days" scenarios.

TimeSage features
  • Time sheets can handle time tracking across midnight / multiple days
  • Time sheets can detect and signal overlapping time entries
  • Time entries in a time sheet can be re-ordered and merged
  • Rich options for import and export of time sheets in CSV, XML and HTML
  • Post edit and fill time sheets while having builtin time validation
  • View time tracking graphs and statistics
  • Access start and stop clock time tracking functions from systray
  • Open program / systray menu using a configurable hotkey
  • Create multiple project profiles for same project
  • Each user can have own project profile in multi-user environments
  • Create new projects and time tracking sheets using your conventions
  • Have salary calculations done automatically with easy "work time frames" configuration

  • 31 days trial.

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