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SwiftCompare 1.5 Screenshot SwiftCompare is a utility for Comparing Files and Folders and Merging the differences between them.

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SwiftCompare is a utility for Comparing Files and Folders and Merging the differences between them. What makes SwiftCompare distinctive is the presence of a very customizable Compare and Merge engine, allowing the user to compare and merge Files and Folders the way he likes.

Manage Source code : The program makes it very easy to track modifications/changes between 2 versions of source code file/project folder, being able to help you in rolling back any erroneous changes.Customize the strong Diff Engine to ignore unimportant differences (like source code comments,whitespaces,etc.) and concentrate on the REAL changes.

Keep Folders in Sync : Working at different locations used to be a lot of trouble. Not anymore.With SwiftCompare you can keep your work (between office, home or any other place) in perfect synchronization .Merge the changes from one folder to another based on the fully customizable sync rules defined by you.also provides the facility to sync both the folders with each other based on "Sync Both Folders" rules.

Verify Data : It is always recommendable to verify the important data copied onto media like Floppy,USB Drive before carrying it to places like home,presentation site or any other place.You can do that by comparing the Data byte-by-byte using the Binary Compare feature of SwiftCompare.

Restore Corrupt Data : If for some reason your important data gets corrupt,and you are thinking of again start working from the previous saved copy of the data, think again.With SwiftCompare you can compare the two versions,and just replace the corrupted portions of file(s) with the one in backup copy,while keeping all the other changes you have made.

SwiftCompare features
  • Various levels of differences shown (like File is Older,Newer,Orphan etc.).
  • Loads of Comparison options (Compare File Size,Contents,Modification Time,Version etc.) to make the comparison rules as much customizable as possible.
  • A lot of Filters to ignore what may be irrelevant,like Ignore empty files,system,hidden files etc. Can also specify File extension filter (e.g. : "*.cpp") .
  • Single-Click Folder Synchronization operation based on custom Sync Rules.Includes options for "Syncing Both Folders".
  • Right-click menu for useful File/Folder Operations like Copy, Move, Delete, Rename, Touch.
  • Safely backup Folder(s) before Synchronizing.
  • Options to ignore the Time incompatiabliity between FAT/NTFS File Systems due to things like DST(Daylight Savings time) and 2 seconds rounding off of time in FAT.
  • Full in-place Text editor with syntax highlighting, and more.
  • Fully customizable Diff Engine with very useful options like "Ignore Source code Comments", "Ignore Blank lines","Ignore spaces : Leading,Trailing,or All" etc.
  • Merge the Differences : All,Single Line,Diff Block,or Selected Text.
  • Visual Diff Viewer to show overall differences in files.
  • Text Editor functionalities like Find,Replace,Cut,Copy,Paste,Undo,Redo.
  • Support for Unicode and Multi-Byte Character set.
  • Optional Backup of original files before modification.
  • Windows,Mac and Unix files supported.

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    Authors software

    SwiftCompare 1.5 SwiftCompare 1.5
    Suksham Technologies

    SwiftCompare is a utility for Comparing Files and Folders and Merging the differences between them.

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    SwiftCompare is a utility for Comparing Files and Folders and Merging the differences between them.

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