Sleepy 6.2.406

Sleepy 6.2.406 Screenshot Sleepy shuts down computers every day on a set schedule.

Developer:   Sashazur LLC
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Sleepy shuts down computers every day on a set schedule. Networkable, tamper resistant. Sleepy offers options for auto clock set, restart, lockout and more. Includes advanced features like auto document save and shut down even if no user logged on.

Sleepy features
3 Different Ways to Shut Down
  • Daily/weekly shut down: Set a schedule to shut down at a specific time (or multiple times) every day, or on specific days of the week
  • Sleepy screen saver: Shows your favorite screen saver, then shuts down (or logs off) if the PC remains unused
  • Countdown timer: Shut down after a specific amount of time has passed

    Advanced Shutdown Logic
  • Auto save: Automatically saves any unsaved documents before shut down*
  • Logon not required: Shuts down even if no user is logged on or workstation is locked
  • Closes messages: Automatically closes any messages Windows might show to confirm shut down
  • Kills stuck programs: Detects and kills unresponsive programs that could prevent shut down
  • Shut down retry: If the first normal shut down attempt fails, Sleepy will do a forced shut down 5 minutes later
  • XP compatible: Fully compatible with Windows XP fast user switching

    Tamper Resistant
  • Password protection: Prevents unauthorized changes to settings
  • Auto clock set: Sets computer clock from Internet to prevent time change cheating
  • User restrictions: Non-admin users can't change settings or uninstall, whether or not there's a password
  • Process concealment: Hides from Ctrl-Alt-Del and task list
  • File and registry protection: Prevents accidental or intentional removal of Sleepy's files and settings
  • Block tampering programs: Prevent access to Registry Editor, System Configuration Editor, and Time/Date control panel

  • Network capable: Use Sleepy on your LAN
  • Restart/Log off/Lock: Restart, log off, or lock PC (to prevent access but keep programs running)
  • Lock-out: Prevent PC use for a specific number of hours after shut down
  • Run a program: Automatically run any program before every shut down/restart
  • Command line options: for timed shutdown and saving and loading settings
  • Log file: Record Sleepy's events into a log file
  • Tray icon: Provides quick access to status and settings
  • Auto-update: Ensures you always have the most recent version of Sleepy

  • 30 day trial

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    Authors software

    Sleepy 6.2.406 Sleepy 6.2.406
    Sashazur LLC

    Sleepy shuts down computers every day on a set schedule.

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