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Developer:   MetaSparc Software Corporation
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SimpliPrompt 1.0.1 is a Windows Command Prompt utility with a tabbed UI, including persistent tabs, AutoComplete ability, customized command sound effects and other powerful features.

Use standard cut, copy, and paste and resize your command prompt window like any other Windows application.

SimpliPrompt features
  • Support for multiple command prompts open at the same time.
  • In preferences, the "Startup with Current Workspace" will save the current working directory, environment variables and the tab name.
  • The tab key will help complete your command based on your files, history, and/or executables in the path.
  • Play a sound for a given command and output (i.e. 'ant', 'BUILD SUCCESSFUL')
  • If the cursor is at the end of the output window and a process is running then Control-C performs a 'break', otherwise Control-C performs a copy operation.
  • Text that begins with 'file:', 'http:' or 'www.' display as clickable links.
  • Drag files from the file browser and the path appears at the command prompt.
  • Find text easily. Find will wrap searchs too.

  • The evaluation copy of SimpliPrompt never expires and is fully functional, however, the text *** Evaluation Version - BUY NOW *** will appear after even command. Additionally, after 100 commands, an annoying sound is played on every tenth command.

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