Save to CHM 1.50

Save to CHM 1.50 Screenshot Many users are used to save interesting pages on a disk.

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Many users are used to save interesting pages on a disk. So it is possible to open them at another computer, save on CD-ROM for long use and so on.

Such kind of web pages saving has a big disadvantage. Saving the pages you are running the risk to get extremely huge number of files that could make the information search through them (files) quite a problem.

This situation is intensified with the fact that the most modern web pages contain graphics and Internet Explorer saves all the images found on the page.

Statistic shows that saving 10 pages causes making more than 100 files! The one admits that it is very difficult not to get lost in the information of that amount.

But now that you have "Save To CHM" plug-in the problem does not exist anymore! The problem of big number of files increased as a result of saving is now solved successfully. Using Save To CHM all pages are saved to one file that is a universal HTML-pages storage.


Trial period in 30 days

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Save to CHM 1.50 screenshot

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