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Polar Knowledge Base Screenshot Polar Knowledge Base is a software solution for online customer self-service.

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Polar Knowledge Base is a software solution for online customer self-service. It is a solution to create, maintain and share company knowledge with all the parties involved in your enterprise.

Polar Knowledge Base delivers data and knowledge in a cost-effective and timely way that, both, you and your stakeholders would benefit from.

Your enterprise would save money by decreasing the number of support employees; by decreasing the time they spend to find the appropriate information, by decreasing wrong answers and misinformation.

To your customers, vendors and other partners, an efficient knowledge base means easy and fast access to information that would otherwise require contacting your company's staff.

Today's support environment is increasingly demanding. Escalating customer expectations mean they want to receive answers - better, faster and cheaper.

You can meet their demands only by enabling a self-service through an online knowledge base because self-service makes your information timely, accurate, easy to find - it means delivering quality support at a lower cost while improving customer satisfaction.

Polar Knowledge Base features
  • Web based software
  • You only need a web browser to create and maintain your knowledge base.
  • Multi-user system
  • Polar Knowledge Base system supports 5 basic user types with different access levels. The administrator is designated the highest level and assigns limited or full access to other Knowledge Base users. For example, if a certain sales representative is assigned the "Manager" user-type, he perform all changes and approve articles but not change Knowledge Base preferences.
  • Article approval process
  • In Knowledge Base's new multi-user system, the "article status" feature enables a workflow approval process
  • All employees (who are assigned the Author user- type) may submit articles, reviewed by a person with Editor and Legal approval authority and then approved or declined by a Manager or an Administrator. Only approved articles are published to the knowledge base table of contents and available to customers.
  • Rating and suggestion system
  • The customers can rate any article and post their suggestions or comments in 2 mouse clicks.
  • Suggestions and rating reports are available from the Administration center. These reports indicate to your administrator or manager that a certain article should be modified.
  • Customize preferences
  • Modify fonts and colours and main page preferences.
  • Attachments preferences - set the permission to accept only certain attachment types or sizes.
  • Easy copying or creating backups of databases.
  • Optional: keeping login statistics.
  • Change email preferences.
  • Document Attachments
  • You can attach any document, image, sound and video (including popular attachments like PDF, Visio Diagrams, Real Media Files, Windows Media files, ZIP files etc). Contrarily, you can limit the use of attachments, by setting the permission to accept certain attachment types.
  • Multi-file Import formats
  • Any SQL or ODBC compatible database.
  • Change database type
  • You may choose, by a mouse click, between MS Access and MS SQL Server.
  • Unlimited scalability
  • The depth of topics and sub-topics is not limited if it is within the number of articles you licensed (5000, 10000 or unlimited).
  • Search
  • Basic Quick Search is performed through all the fields in the database and enables automatic "And" queries.
  • Advanced Search aims the search to a specific field (title, full text or article ID) and with the reference to the time of the last update.
  • Top searches list is available on the Knowledge Base home page.
  • Related articles
  • You can assign one or more related articles to each article.
  • Automatic related links suggestions.
  • Most Viewed and Most Recent Articles
  • These top lists are valuable for your visitors, enabling the quick access of your most interesting articles.

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    Polar Knowledge Base Polar Knowledge Base
    Polar Software

    Polar Knowledge Base is a software solution for online customer self-service.

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