iQTaskbar 1.21

iQTaskbar 1.21 Screenshot iQTaskbar takes advantage of having a unique interface that doesn't distract you from everyday computing.

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iQTaskbar takes advantage of having a unique interface that doesn't distract you from everyday computing.

iQTaskbar transforms any window into a system wide taskbar. Perfect for utilities and applications that need to be easily accessible. Create your own system wide taskbar that can autohide, dock to any screen side and float seamlessly with the Windows OS. Your program will be recognized by the Windows operating system as a registered taskbar.

The package includes an OCX and a DLL so you can use the control in numerous programming languages. A large number of properties and methods allow you to control the taskbar and customize your products to suite any customers needs.

Being an excellent alternative to the system tray icon, having your own taskbar gives your product more real estate on the desktop while allowing your clients to place the program anywhere they wish, including floating, docking bottom, left, right or the top the of the screen in either the autohide non-autohide mode. You can disable/enable dragging of your taskbar from any screen position and also prevent or allow resizing.

Using iQTaskbar you can also create custom sized taskbars. Have your program slide in and out from the side of the screen with one line of code. Also, programatically force your taskbar into any of the 5 taskbar states, (dock left, right, top, bottom or floating).

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iQTaskbar 1.21 screenshot

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iQTaskbar 1.21 iQTaskbar 1.21

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