iNet Protector 4.7

iNet Protector 4.7 Screenshot iNet Protector - you can restrict access to the Web and password protect Internet connection.

Developer:   Blumentals Software
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iNet Protector - you can restrict access to the Web and password protect Internet connection.

iNet Protector allows you to enable and disable Internet connection any time. In order to enable Internet access, user defined password must be entered.iNet Protector is a security application that helps you restrict access and password protect to internet.

You can also schedule time periods when Internet connection should be disabled or enabled. Built-in timer allows you to enable Internet connection for a specified amount of time.

iNet Protector features
  • Restrict Internet access at specified times
  • Password protect Internet connection
  • Enable and disable Internet on demand
  • Allow Internet access for a specified amount of time
  • Allow only specified services or programs such as e-mail
  • For Parents - Protect your kids from using Internet too much
  • For Businesses - Keep employees from online entertainment at work.


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    iNet Protector 4.7 screenshot

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