FTPrint 3.45

FTPrint 3.45 Screenshot 10-Strike FTPrint allows you to print text files faster using your printer's text mode for printing.

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10-Strike FTPrint allows you to print text files faster using your printer's text mode for printing. Usually, when printing text files under Windows, your printer operates in a graphics mode. For dot-matrix and ink-jet printers text mode printing is much faster than graphics mode and more economical.

You're saving your time and money with this program! If you have a dot-matrix or ink-jet printer and you print simple text without complex formatting (like source code, documentation, logs, books, reports, etc), print your text files with FTPrint!

Of course, you can print your texts in text mode by copying it to 'prn' or other similar way. But FTPrint divides text into pages for your convenience and you can use different printer's fonts and styles (bold, condensed, canvas, quality, ...)

FTPrint features
  • Text mode printing under Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000
  • Ms-DOS and Windows text files are supported
  • Built-in Notepad-like editor
  • Headers and footers
  • Enhanced Epson-FX handling
  • Command line automation
  • Multiple configuration files support
  • Install and uninstall

  • Headers and footers (page number, date, time, etc),
  • Ad line at the top of the printed page

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    FTPrint 3.45 FTPrint 3.45
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    10-Strike FTPrint allows you to print text files faster using your printer's text mode for printing.

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