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TxtEdit 4.5.2 TxtEdit 4.5.2
Luzius Schneider

TxtEdit is an editor for text or Rich text files.

SmEdit 1.17 SmEdit 1.17
Sinner Computing

SmEdit is a Small Text Editor created for a general text manipulation and viewing.

PDF U Append Dekstop Edition 1.16 PDF U Append Dekstop Edition 1.16
Traction Software

PDF U Append Desktop Edition software Automates the process of appending multiple PDF files, PDF U Append will append your many PDF documents into one PDF document at the click of one button, If you need a server solution then try out the PDF U Append Server.

Multiple File Find Replace Buddy 2.1 Multiple File Find Replace Buddy 2.1

Multiple File Find Replace Buddy will scan specified files for specified text and replace is it with new text.

EmEditor Standard 6.00.2 EmEditor Standard 6.00.2

EmEditor is a text editor for Windows that fully supports Unicode, allowing you to edit multiple languages.

Texturizer 1.92 Texturizer 1.92

Texturizer is a simple to use, yet powerful text editor for any user who finds Notepad too simple and other text editors too complicated.

Visual Typewriter 1.1 Visual Typewriter 1.1

Visual Typewriter is the perfect tool to write stories, screenplays, poems or mail using a virtual typewriter.

PolyEdit 5.0 RC Eschaton PolyEdit 5.0 RC Eschaton
PolySoft Solutions

PolyEdit is a very powerful, multipurpose, yet easy-to-use text editor and word processor for Windows, that is designed to provide the power and functionality to satisfy the most demanding word processing requirements.

Boxer Text Editor 14.0.0 Boxer Text Editor 14.0.0
Boxer Software

Save time and effort with this versatile, full-featured Windows text editor.

Mass File Editor 2.3.6 Mass File Editor 2.3.6
AG Depsys Software

Mass File Editor - powerful text operations engine to process large number of files routinely.

Another Notepad 1.70.32 Another Notepad 1.70.32
PC Shareware Inc

ANOTHER NOTEPAD - Windows text editor.

Scriptware 1.0 Scriptware 1.0
Cinovation, Inc.

Scriptware is the fastest, easiest and most powerful solution to get the story that's in your head onto the page in the format professionals demand.

VEDIT 6.13.1 VEDIT 6.13.1
Greenview Data

VEDIT edits any text, data, binary file in ASCII, Hex or EBCDIC; even 100+ Gigabyte files.

TEXT & WORD Joiner 1.1 TEXT & WORD Joiner 1.1
Fronoh Inc

What exactly is TEXT & WORD Joiner? Read on and you'll find out.

MLEditor Standard Edition 2.2 MLEditor Standard Edition 2.2
Anasoft Studio

MLEditor (Multi-Language Editor) offers you a professional multi-language text editor.

AD Search&Replace 1.9.3 build 98 AD Search&Replace 1.9.3 build 98
Abroad Design

AD Search&Replace will allow you to search for the files containing the line of symbols (with case sensitive or without it), specified by you, on folders tree (also support the network folders) and to replace a required line by another, specified by you.

Castillo TextEditor 4.0 Castillo TextEditor 4.0
Castillo Bueno Systems

Castillo TextEditor is a fast, efficient text editor for Windows that has a multi document interface (MDI), it has syntax highlighting for several languages, bookmarks, multi-file find, replace, and internal clipboard.

Taditor 1.40.6 Taditor 1.40.6

Taditor is an unicode text editor with hex edit mode and HTML/XML charset support.

His Grepship His Grepship
His Nerdship Pty Ltd

His Grepship is a visual grep application running under Win32, finding search expressions in text/HTML/XML/Unicode files.


SMOX Pad is the most advanced SMIL (and many languages) text editor.

Butterfly 1.4 Butterfly 1.4

Butterfly is a small live desktop assistant which can carefully save your plain text fragments, daily notes and so on - without even bothering with files or folders.

Finders Keepers 4.10.1 Finders Keepers 4.10.1
Yadu Digital, Inc.

Finders Keepers(tm) can search files, replace text, index entire hard drives for instant text retrieval, view or launch any found files, zip found files, and edit the found ASCII text files.

PageFocus Pro 6.14 PageFocus Pro 6.14
Creative Stars, Inc.

PageFocus Pro is an electronic-form and application builder.

EdIt! 1.2 EdIt! 1.2
SRT Enterprises

EdIt! is a fast, mouseable replacement, windowed for DOS's EDIT command.

Web Notepad 2.0.1 Web Notepad 2.0.1
DigiCraft Software

Web Notepad is a web editor for real HTML coders.