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Clipboard Genie 4.1 Clipboard Genie 4.1

Clipboard genie copies everything that is copied into Windows Clipboard.

Global Clipboard 2.3 Global Clipboard 2.3

Global Clipboard is a useful program that can manage your clipboard and you can keep all your data inserted in the clipboard for the following manipulation of them.

FastPaste 3.18 FastPaste 3.18

FastPaste does save your time.

Clipboard Assistant 1.139 Clipboard Assistant 1.139
Ixis Ltd

Clipboard Assistant is intended for an acceleration and a simplification of text operations via the Clipboard.

CuteClipboard 4.3 CuteClipboard 4.3
Haisi Studio

CuteClipboard is an application based on the Windows Clipboard, but supports more functions in order to facilitate your use.

X2Net SmartBoard X2Net SmartBoard
X2Net Limited

X2Net SmartBoard is a powerful multi-user clipboard extender.

Clipboard Express Pro 3.2.7 Clipboard Express Pro 3.2.7
Chequers Software Limited

Clipboard Express Pro is a useful and performanct clipboard management product.

ClipSafe Clipboard Backup 2.5.4 ClipSafe Clipboard Backup 2.5.4
Multimedia Australia

ClipSafe backs up data copied to the clipboard, protecting it from accidental erasure.

M8 Multi Clipboard and Screen Capture 6.00 M8 Multi Clipboard and Screen Capture 6.00
M8 Software(UK)

M8 multi clipboard captures everything that you copy or cut from any program The last 30 clips are shown in its clipboard area.

Advanced Clipboard Utility (ACU) 1.3.2 Advanced Clipboard Utility (ACU) 1.3.2
DLAO Software

ACU is a huge timesaver! Only a few minutes are needed to learn how to use this! It makes you more productive by making the windows clipboard work better.

M8 Data Capture 1.00 M8 Data Capture 1.00
M8 Software

M8 Systems cut your data capture costs by anything from 20 to 50 percent.

Net ClipShare Net ClipShare
PG Software Development

Net ClipShare is the ULTIMATE and unique Windows clipboard sharing system utility.

HyperClipper 2.1 HyperClipper 2.1
10-30am team

HyperClipper allows to paste previously copied clips and preset texts or quick notes as easy as [Shift]+[Ins] (or Ctrl+V) keystrokes and exactly by these keys.

MClipboard 2.1 MClipboard 2.1

Do You want to be limit with one windows clipboard or You want more? MClipboard gives You 10 completent clipboards with additional functions: design hotkey for copy, cut, paste for each, save/load clipboards content, easy change skins and interface language - make application suitable for You! If You think "It isn't for me", You are right, but You still haven't try yet! Features: · MClipboard manager gives you 10 full-scale windows clipboards! · You can use all clipboard's operations only with one shortcut! · You can customize any clipboard's shortcuts! · You can operate data in clipboards with mouse! · This clipboard manager allows to change skins and languages.

MSi-Clip 2.51 MSi-Clip 2.51
Mace Software, Inc

MSi-Clip is an extremely handy clipboard manager for anyone who regularly re-uses templates, form letters, or any text based data.

Buffer 2.0 Buffer 2.0

Extended Windows Clipboard.

Internet Book 5.1 Internet Book 5.1
PrimaSoft PC

Internet Book for Windows: Whether you are an Internet experienced user or just a beginner Internet Book is for you.

Winm8 4.001 Winm8 4.001
M8 Software(UK)

Winm8 is a combined multi clipboard, launcher, Web bookmark and information management system.

ES CoolP 6.0 ES CoolP 6.0
Essential Skill Consultants Limited

CoolP turns your Windows clipboard into a power tool which allows you to manage information and communicate with others with ease.

Smart Paste 1.1 Smart Paste 1.1
Online P2000

Smart Paste is a multi-line text storage manager, which enhances your window clipboard capabilities.

VG Clipboard Master 1.0 VG Clipboard Master 1.0
VitGroup Ltd

VG Clipboard Master is very useful software that provides extended clipboard capabilities, helps you to work with computer, saving your time and it is easy to use.

Copy-Paste Pro Copy-Paste Pro

Tired of only being able to copy & paste one line of text at a time? Then this program is for you!! With Copy-Paste Pro you can independently copy and paste up to 10 seperate lines of text at a time.

Alpha Key Saver Alpha Key Saver
Alpha Realms

Alpha Key Saver lets you easily insert commonly used text into any application.

Claymore Scheduler 2005 1.0 Claymore Scheduler 2005 1.0
Blink Development

The Claymore Scheduler is designed to allow multiple employees' day planners be managed from a single location.

ClipViewer 1.0.3 ClipViewer 1.0.3

ClipViewer is intended for previewing and editing the information copied into the Windows Clipboard.