FileBox eXtender 2.00.03

FileBox eXtender 2.00.03 Screenshot FileBox eXtender enhances the Windows user interface in several powerful ways.

Developer:   Hyperionics Technology LLC
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FileBox eXtender enhances the Windows user interface in several powerful ways. It adds a "push-pin" button to your "top level" windows. This function prevents any window you "pin" to the desktop from being covered by any other windows.

This is great when you want to keep an eye on one program, but use another. (For example, refer to a document window in Word while typing an E-mail in another program.)FileBox eXtender is a tool that helps you to manage windows and navigate folders.

Another FileBox enhancement is the "roll-up" button added to top level windows. When you click it, the window is "rolled up" leaving only its title bar visible, and uncovering what was underneath it. Click that button again, and the window rolls back down.

FileBox further enhances Windows by adding several advanced functions to the standard Open File and Save File dialog boxes. (Note that if a program uses its own "private" dialog boxes for these functions, you won't see our FileBox buttons, sorry.)

FileBox adds two handy buttons to these standard dialogs. These appear on the right side of the Windows dialog box title bars. These buttons appear next to the minimize, restore, and maximize buttons with which you're probably already familiar.

FileBoxcan also forcibly resize the standard Windows file management dialog boxes so they're bigger, and thus easier to use if you've got lots of files in a folder through which you need to look.

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FileBox eXtender 2.00.03 screenshot

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FileBox eXtender enhances the Windows user interface in several powerful ways.

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