Dialog Box Assistant 2.1

Dialog Box Assistant 2.1 Screenshot Dialog Box Assistant greatly speeds up access to your data.

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Dialog Box Assistant greatly speeds up access to your data.

It extends the standard Windows Open and Save dialog boxes with two additional buttons: one for the list of the recently used folders, another for the recent files.

Even in the Microsoft Office(c) programs. Dialog Box Assistant remember the size of the file dialog size and the style of the file list.

And maintains list of recently used folders and files in every program.

Also you can open your favorite folders using screen menu, available by pressing the hot keys

Dialog Box Assistant features
  • Click on the icon on the left and a drop-down menu appears, listing the most recently used files. Click on the right icon and a drop-down menu containing the most recently used folders appears.
  • Dialog Box Assistant remembers the dialog box size and file list style. Each program has its own data.
  • Mark several folders as "Common" and you'll get them available in every program. Additionally, common folders can be accessed outside of any program by pressing hotkeys.
  • Using program options you can assign an icon and a special name for a folder or a file.
  • Support of MS Office programs on most Windows platforms
  • No other program has this option.
  • You can set Dialog Box Assistant to check if the paths of the menu items are valid.
  • Dialog Box Assistant supports several different languages

  • 15 days

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    Dialog Box Assistant 2.1 screenshot

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    Dialog Box Assistant greatly speeds up access to your data.

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