CookWare Deluxe 2.1

CookWare Deluxe 2.1 Screenshot CookWare Deluxe is an application that makes collecting and organizing your recipes really simple.

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CookWare Deluxe is an application that makes collecting and organizing your recipes really simple.

The concept of CookWare Deluxe is to be very easy to use without giving up features. Dragging and dropping recipes into CookWare Deluxe makes adding recipes really fast. You can drag recipes from your Internet browser or word processor directly into CookWare Deluxe, categorize it and you're finished!

One of the many great features of CookWare Deluxe is it's ability to create a Shopping List. Imagine in just a few clicks you can have recipes and a shopping list ready to take to the market or maybe email it to your spouse for pick-up on the way home! Or send it to any email-ready handheld device.

With CookWare Deluxe, rather than searching for information, it's comes to you with one click! Such as emailing, food pairing, quantity conversions, cooking temperatures and much more! Additionally, if you have Internet access, helpful Internet resources are available from within CookWare Deluxe.

The ability to find a recipe in CookWare Deluxe is second to none. You can find a recipe by using any combination of recipe name, course, region, ingredient, rating and more. It's simple and fast! You can print single recipes or a menu, even a small index for quick reference.

Maybe you'd like to put your recipes into a three-ring binder, CookWare Deluxe prints tab-like descriptions for each recipe so you can easily find them. You can add details to a recipe such as a photo, notes and much more.

CookWare Deluxe features
  • Simple and attractive Interface Graphics
  • Built-in Contextual Help
  • CookWare Deluxe remembers your registration password – most others don't
  • Quickly finds recipes by using categories such as: Name, Course, Region, Ingredient, Rating and more
  • User definable Categories
  • Search for a recipe keyword with "Power Search"
  • Simple recipe emailing. Your recipe is automatically formatted and placed in the Out box of your email software - ready to send.*
  • Add and store email addresses and subjects
  • Pick from multiple print options with one click
  • Built-in metric conversion tables
  • Scale individual ingredient quantities
  • Auto Saves
  • Automatically adjusts to fit your monitor's screen depth
  • Easily Backs-Up the recipes you've added
  • Allows you to rate the recipes you've prepared
  • Instant web access for recipes, substitutions, TV recipes, video cooking classes, etc
  • Internet Food Dictionary
  • Built-in Spell Checker with a 2100+ word Food and Beverage Dictionary
  • Records Prep, Cook and Pre-Heat time
  • Built-in information on Food Safety, Cooking Times, Food Pairing and Wine Pairing
  • Lets you to label the source of the recipe
  • Easily add a photo of your recipe using the automated Photo Import button
  • Quickly find the recipes you've added by using the "My Recipes” feature
  • Import and export CookWare Deluxe recipes automatically
  • Multiple sorting options
  • Delete multiple and duplicate recipes at once
  • Print a single recipe or a menu
  • Print or view a complete recipe index
  • Print recipes for a three ring binder
  • Print recipes in Black or in Color
  • Includes over 700 handpicked, wonderful recipes - No "Filler" Recipes
  • An unlimited number of recipes can be added to CookWare Deluxe
  • Additional recipe sets are available

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