Configuration LifeGuard 4.3

Configuration LifeGuard 4.3 Screenshot Configuration backup and restore tool with a difference.

Developer:   Visual Fantasy
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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Configuration backup and restore tool with a difference. A sophisticated system utility to make an automatic backup of up to 10 most important configuration and system files of Windows 95/98. Easy to operate and safe to use, fast, straightforward, effective and reliable. The ally of your system configuration always at reach in related emergency situations.

Features include:

- selective backup, restore and undo restore options
- customizable file selections
- autorestore option in MS-DOS mode
- automatic file-presence and file-availability checking with full performance feedback
- automatic file attributes restoring to the system default
- progress bar showing the progress of your operation
- quick PC restart
- quick launch with handy access to:
- MS-DOS Prompt,
- 3 system editors,
- 2 system maintenance and repair tools,
- 2 system file management applications
- extensive background error-handling with efficient error-autodiagnostics.

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Configuration LifeGuard 4.3 screenshot

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