Alarm Health Care 2.01

Alarm Health Care 2.01 Screenshot Helping you find high quality health care.

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Helping you find high quality health care.

The majority of people working long hours on computers each day may experience one or more symptoms such as: (1) upper or lower back pain; (2) neck and shoulder pain; (3) forearms, wrists, hands or fingers with pains, loss of sensation or weakness; and (4) tired eyes, focusing difficulties. This software is designed to change your working habits which cause these symptoms. It includes the fascinating theory of Biorhythms that explains why our lives are extremely good on some days but disappointing on others. It can also schedule alarms to display reminders, play sounds, execute programs, open websites and even shutdown your computer at a specific time. In the end, it helps you use your computer in a healthy way.

Few people fully realize how strenuous computer work is for our body and how large its impact on our physical and mental well-being is. Over half of all people who extensively use computers at work suffer from these symptoms and all computer workers are at risk. Now this software ahieves this by helping us re-structure our computer usage:

It base on reminders of user setting and suggests appropriate times for recovery and micro-breaks.

It provides a range of stretching exercises designed to relieve muscular tension and improve static posture.

Special Features
1.Set Break Reminders
2.Set Reminders
3.Internal clock
4.Shutdown the Computer
5.Play a Wave File
6.Schedule at different times!
7.Execute an External Program

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Alarm Health Care 2.01 screenshot

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Alarm Health Care 2.01 Alarm Health Care 2.01
Aaresoft inc,.

Helping you find high quality health care.

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Alarm Health Care 2.01 Alarm Health Care 2.01
Aaresoft inc,.

Helping you find high quality health care.

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