A Speeder 2009.3

A Speeder 2009.3 Screenshot A Speeder will improve the speed of Windows and all applications (games).

Developer:   504 software studio
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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A Speeder will improve the speed of Windows and all applications (games).

A Speeder is a magical software. You can use it to change the speed of windows system and change the speed of all applications (such as games) under Windows.A Speeder makes your games funnier.

The speed range is from 1/32 times speed to 32 times speed (system speed) or from 1/256 to 256 times speed (Windows speed).

A Speeder is a powerful tool for Windows which can adjust the speed of Windows system, you can speed up or speed down, as you like! Change Windows system speed and game speed. You can run faster or slower in your PC game. A Speeder also can be used in some online games. You can run faster or slower than other

A Speeder features
  • Change the speed of desktop games or online games
  • Control application speed and windows speed
  • Easy to use, just drag the track bar or press hotkey
  • From 1/32 times speed to 32 times system speed
  • From 1/256 times speed to 256 times Windows speed
  • The speed setting is locked automatically
  • Offer two kinds of methods to change speed

  • Windows OS
  • 300MHz CPU or higher
  • 2MBytes hard disk space
  • 32 MB memory.
  • DirectX 5 or later.

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    Authors software

    A Speeder 2009.3 A Speeder 2009.3
    504 software studio

    A Speeder will improve the speed of Windows and all applications (games).

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    A Speeder 2009.3 A Speeder 2009.3
    504 software studio

    A Speeder will improve the speed of Windows and all applications (games).

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