1 Click Boost 2.5

1 Click Boost 2.5 Screenshot 1 Click Boost has many advanced features to keep your computer running at optimum speed.

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1 Click Boost has many advanced features to keep your computer running at optimum speed. It is created with all users in mind, whether you are a power user or a novice.

Using 1 Click Boost Memory Optimizer, you can set performance goals right on the statistics graphs. It will work to keep your memory at desired levels, and will act immediately if memory drops below minimum levels.

It monitors your system and automatically optimizes your memory when it is required. By default, network connections in Windows are not configured to transfer data at their maximum or their most efficient speed.

It optimizes the performance of your Internet connection through specially engineered software designed to optimize your Internet connection regardless of its type dialup, LAN, DSL. Monitors and inspects your computers memory and makes adjustments to free up unused RAM and virtual memory that may have been locked by programs that are no longer running.

1 Click Boosr gives you professional, easy-to-read statistics on your computer's memory and CPU use. You can see and control a graph of your current memory use and your memory over time.

1 Click Boost also displays information about the visible and hidden applications, which are running on your computer. It is easy to use and well suited for both beginners and advanced users. You can easily tune individual settings or select one of several presets.

1 Click Boost features
  • Automatically optimizes system memory
  • Super charges your Internet Connection to transfer data at maximum speed (Dial-up, LAN and DSL)
  • Monitors memory and recovers unused RAM stored by closed programs
  • Option to set memory performance goals. You decide when memory needs a boost.
  • Real

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    1 Click Boost has many advanced features to keep your computer running at optimum speed.

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    1 Click Boost has many advanced features to keep your computer running at optimum speed.

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    1 Click Boost has many advanced features to keep your computer running at optimum speed.

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