StealthDisk 2004.1.909

StealthDisk 2004.1.909 Screenshot Using up to 448-bit encryption.

Developer:   Security Group Six
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Using up to 448-bit encryption... StealthDisk provides a transparent way to easily and securely store all your important files and documents.

Using industry-leading encryption algorithms, StealthDisk creates an encrypted virtual disk drive that can be used as any regular disk drive. All data is encrypted and decrypted on-the-fly as you work.

When you are done, simply dismount the StealthDisk volume and all your important files will remain encrypted.

There is no need to encrypt each and every file or each and every every folder as other encryption applications may require.

StealthDisk allows you to create virtual, encrypted disks that can be mounted as a logical drive and act just like any other drive letter.

It offers AES and Blowfish encryption algorithms to protect the data on-the-fly as it is added to the virtual drive.

It also supports the use of a separate header block file to separate the key information from the data.


  • On-The-Fly Encryption
  • Supports AES with 128-bit and 256-bit key lengths.
  • Supports Blowfish with 128-bit and 448-bit key lengths.
  • Allows for an External Header Block (encrypted) to separate key information and ciphertext.
  • Supports volumes from 1MB to hundreds of GBs.

  • The evaluation version of StealthDisk has a password limitation of only 2 characters. This is highly insecure and very easy to guess. It is meant for testing and evaluation purposes only. Otherwise, everything else is fully functional.

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    Authors software

    StealthDisk 2004.1.909 StealthDisk 2004.1.909
    Security Group Six

    Using up to 448-bit encryption.

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    Security Group Six

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