FillCD 3.0.3

FillCD 3.0.3 Screenshot FillCD is a Windows utility to make backup and archival a breeze.

Developer:   Tim Russell
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FillCD is a Windows utility to make backup and archival a breeze. Simply specify what type of backup media you'll be using (CD-R, DVD-R, or anything else you like), and tell FillCD what files and folders you'd like to archive.

FillCD calculates the optimal combinations, and then gives you the option to move, copy or even burn the combinations - right from the interface.


  • Resizable window.
  • Ability to load/save alternate configuration profiles. If you've got two archiving "projects" going on at the same time, you can keep them in separate configuration profiles.
  • Stat Tracking. FillCD will keep track of what it's been able to accomplish, with the option of anonymously sending statistics (and only statistics) to this web site for the nifty little Stats box just to the left.
  • User-configurable media size. Media size presets include CD-R, DVD-R, and quite a few others, but you can always choose a custom size to use -- and even save it to the list of presets.
  • Audio file processing. Now, in addition to data backup calculations, FillCD has an additional mode in which the optimal combination of audio files (WAV or MP3) is selected based on track duration. An easy way to prepare mix CDs!
  • Window of success. After you choose a media size, you can choose the percentage of that size that a combination must fall within to be considered "optimal." Depending on the selection of items, don't be surprised if FillCD can find a combination that fills your media to within 99.999%!
  • Time limit per calculation. An additional way to specify a stopping point for calculations is to simply define a time limit. FillCD will return the best combination it can find within this time limit. This can be used by itself, or in conjunction with the percentages above.
  • Add candidates via a browse box or drag-and-drop.
  • Required candidates. Each candidate can be "forced" to be included in the next calculation, provided that it's within the media size parameters.
  • Candidate groups. Got a handful of files/folders you'd like to end up on the same disc? Add them to a group and they'll stay together (again, provided the total size is within the media size). Unlimited groups are now possible, as well.
  • Ability to clear candidate list.
  • Ability to Expand to Fit Media. Say you're burning a 700mb CD and you add a 1gb folder as a candidate. FillCD can expand this folder into its individual components, until each sub-item is less than or equal to 700mb.
  • Ability to Expand All. Don't care what files end up where, and want the best combinations possible? Use "Expand All" to expand candidate(s) into their smallest parts: individual files or empty folders.
  • Auto-Expand to Fit, Auto-Expand All. Ability to perform either of the two operations immediately upon adding candidates.
  • Ability to include files based on timestamp.
  • Ability to include only items with the Archive flag set.

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    FillCD 3.0.3 FillCD 3.0.3
    Tim Russell

    FillCD is a Windows utility to make backup and archival a breeze.

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