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FastMenu 3.2 FastMenu 3.2
Pollen Software

FastMenu offers the ability for anyone to swiftly create clean, crisp Autorun/Autostart menus for CDs.

AUTOption Graphic 9.0 AUTOption Graphic 9.0
Pollen Software

AUTOption Graphic is a customizable Autorun/Autoplay menuing application that gives a highly professional touch to your CDs.

Stardust AutoPlay Engine 1.4 TE Stardust AutoPlay Engine 1.4 TE
Stardust Software

Stardust AutoPlay Engine lets you create small, fast-loading autoplay teasers for your CD products, that will work on all end-user systems, with no bugs or external dependencies.

AUTOption 7.0 AUTOption 7.0
Pollen Software

AUTOption is a software that enables users to create professional autorun CD menus with minimal time and effort.

DigiMode Automaya 1.03 DigiMode Automaya 1.03
DigiMode Media Players

DigiMode Automaya - just copy this 800 K application to any media containing CD you make and it will play everything for you or your customers, no matter what type of media files you have in your CD, This program has 3 player modules and each module is independent and unique.

Right Autorun 1.0 Right Autorun 1.0

Right Autorun software makes your CD started automatically for what they supposed to do.

CD Interface Creator 1.1 CD Interface Creator 1.1
Michael Brick


CD GUI Builder 1.0 CD GUI Builder 1.0
Knightware Corp

Knightware CD GUI Builder allows you to quickly design a custom CD-ROM Graphical User Interface (GUI).

CD FrontEnd Gold 2008.18.22 CD FrontEnd Gold 2008.18.22
Visual Vision

CD FrontEnd Gold is a great software for creating your autoplay CD/DVD now: build CD presentations, CD brochures, product catalogs, CD business cards Web-like pages, slide shows, make CD menus and professional front ends, run files and programs.

Autorun Express 1.18 Autorun Express 1.18
Storm Software

Give your CD/DVD collection professional touch.

Insistsoft SSL VPN Server 1.4 Insistsoft SSL VPN Server 1.4

Insistsoft SSL VPN Server is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) VPN software solution for Windows.

CDStartBuilder 1.3 CDStartBuilder 1.3
SDE Software, inc.

CDStartBuilder offers you the ability to create auto-playable CD-ROMs for Windows, including the ability to launch an installer or other program, launch help documentation like HTML pages, PDFs, and other text files.

SoftPlus AutoRun Creator 1.4 SoftPlus AutoRun Creator 1.4

Autorun Creator offers the fast and efficient way to build autorun programs.

Right Autorun Pro 2.1 Right Autorun Pro 2.1
right files

Right Autorun Pro creates presentation slides and autorun CD.

CDMenuPro 6.50.00 CDMenuPro 6.50.00
Klaus Schwenk

CDMenuPro is an easy to use software that creates Autorun CD Menu applications.

AutoPlay Media Studio 6.05 AutoPlay Media Studio 6.05
Indigo Rose Software

AutoPlay Media Studio will help you create professional software, presentations, autorun CD/DVD ROMs and more by simply dragging, dropping, and integrating your favorite media files such as MP3s, video, photos, and flash movies in AutoPlay Media Studio.

DVD-lab Authoring 1.3.2 DVD-lab Authoring 1.3.2

DVD-lab is my answer to the many DVD authoring packages out there which all try to restrict user or put him in a box of pre-canned DVD templates.

AutoPlay Menu Builder AutoPlay Menu Builder

AutoPlay Menu Builder is the best utility for creating an automatic playing menu to launch your CDROM.

CD Autorun Creator 4.6 CD Autorun Creator 4.6
DSW Team

CD Autorun Creator offers the fast and efficient way to build autorun programs.

Power AutoPlay Menu Creator 8.21 Power AutoPlay Menu Creator 8.21

Power Autoplay menu creator professional is easy tool for creating powerful autoplay menus without programming experience by Power Autoplay menu creator professional.

MenuBox MenuBox
Cloanto Corporation

MenuBox creates AutoRun-enabled CDs and DVDs and design professional menu windows for your projects with MenuBox.

AutoRun Typhoon III 3.2.3 AutoRun Typhoon III 3.2.3
Typhoon Software

AutoRun - if you want to deliver your Menu, web site, PDF file, PowerPoint presentation, video, SlideShow, just about anything, on a CD-ROM then AutoRun is the tool you need.

Easy Autorun Creator 2.6 Easy Autorun Creator 2.6
AW Software

Easy Autorun Creator is a Windows-based multimedia authoring tool that allows you to create autorun CD menus.

Simple CD/DVD Menu 1.3.4 Simple CD/DVD Menu 1.3.4

Simple CD/DVD Menu is an autorun menu for data CDs and DVDs, mostly useful for software storage and installation.

ArtixMedia Menu Studio 3.7 ArtixMedia Menu Studio 3.7

ArtixMedia Menu Studio is an universal multimedia CD creation tool with a wide variety of possible applications.