FileWipe 1.0

FileWipe 1.0 Screenshot Permanently wipe-delete history information, which could be used to invade your privacy.

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Permanently wipe-delete history information, which could be used to invade your privacy. Cleans unknown/hidden inappropriate content, which usually automatically downloads from spam and popup ads.

Knows and goes to places in your computer, which have internet history/cache/cookies/etc hisory data, then cleans them.
Securely re-gains wasted disk space.

Unlike the leading file-bleaching programs, ours seperates the wipe and delete functions, which allow you to view file contents before or after they're wiped or deleted. This way, you are sure the program is doing what it's advertised to do.

It can also be used for times when you are not too concerned with the
amount of file-wipe security and need to do a quick clean. You can do a Delete, which would take less than half the time to wipe-delete. There is also a setting which allows you to wipe the file from 1 to over 10 times.

Unlike other file bleaching programs, ours destroys history data within some
files. The rest of the file is untouched and fully functional. Goes far beyond the limited 'delete cache and history' functions built into Windows
(which deletes, not cleans, less than 25% of your history). Option to specify which programs to clean and also what type of history data to clean in these programs.

Patent pending FileWipe function prevents, even an expert, from recovering
your history. Attempts with electron microscopes fails to recover the wipe-deleted data using our high security setting (Wipe Multiplier/Times).

Remove-Lock function to safely clean locked files. Undelete utilities are useless against HistWipe(TM) because the wiped files that
are undeleted will be filled with RANDOM junk data.

Cleaning support for Windows system, history, recently access files, cache, cookies, URL address bar drop-down-data and auto-complete, clipboard, recycle bin, Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer, AOL, Outlook Express, NewsRover, Media Player, and Real Player applications. Our lab test shows this product to clean history that the other leading brand
left behind.

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FileWipe 1.0 screenshot

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