Drive Zapper Pro 9.0

Drive Zapper Pro 9.0 Screenshot Drive Zapper Pro will let you delete by good your unwanted files.

Developer:   Business Logic Corporation
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License:   Comercialware
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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Drive Zapper Pro will let you delete by good your unwanted files.

Don't just cover your tracks... destroy them permanently! The “deleted” files on your computer could come back to haunt you!

Your PC is a goldmine of personal and sensitive data...confidential business, medical, and legal records; social security, credit card, and bank account numbers; e-mails; personal photos; and more.

It also contains an “undeletable” record of every web address you’ve ever visited. Most of this data is easy pickings, even on drives whose owners have tried to erase it by deleting files, emptying the recycle bin, running the Windows “disk clean-up” utility, or using ordinary cleaning software.

Even reformatting the disk doesn’t work. All of these measures simply conceal the data from the operating system. Windows is designed to remember everything. And, despite all ordinary efforts to remove sensitive data, anyone with the right data recovery software can reconstruct it.

  • 16 MB of Ram
  • 3 MB of Hard Disk Space
  • 16 Bit Graphics Card
  • Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher Internet Connection for Live Updates or Web updates

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    Drive Zapper Pro will let you delete by good your unwanted files.

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