Zoom Activex Control 3.0

Zoom Activex Control 3.0 Screenshot A Zoom control, can magnify the contents of the desktop.

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A Zoom control, can magnify the contents of the desktop. It is a powerfull tool with unique features that can be used as a standalone professional magnifier or as a part of an image editing application.

Zoom Activex Control is a powerfull magnifier in a hi-end component, which has many unique features and supports:

Zoom scale x (1 to 100)
The magnification factor can be set to a scale from 1 to 100, allowing you to magnify the source area up to 100 times.

Auto/Manual zoom point
The center(hot spot) of the source area can be set to the cursor position or can be manually defined by the coordinates specified in the CurrentX and CurrentY properties.

Freeze/Unfreeze view
At any time the zoom area can stop being refreshed in order to provide a most accurate view. The view area will continue refreshing when you will be ready to.

Provides the ability to draw a grid over the magnified view. The grid can be turned on/off according your needs.

Provides two built-in rulers(bars) with a pair of markers on each, that will help you to calculate sizes and distance. The position of the markers can be set by the mouse or externally(by code). The markers can also be turned on/off.

Divisions scale of your choice
The frequency of the divisions on the two bars, is configurable and can be set from 1 pixel to any meaningfull value according the screen dimensions.

Outputs the markers distance
Each time a marker changes its position either by mouse or by code, it fires a MarkerChange event and outputs the distance between itself and the other one in the same bar. This way you can calculate distances on the fly.

Full color customization
The colors of the grid, the markers and the divisions can be customized to your preference.

Prevents "black hole" zoom over control

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Zoom Activex Control 3.0 screenshot

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