XPB! Basic 1.12

XPB! Basic 1.12 Screenshot A brand new 32-bit BASIC compiler for Windows.

Developer:   Tony Jones
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License:   Shareware
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OS:   Windows Vista (?)
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A brand new 32-bit BASIC compiler for Windows.


  • True 32-bit compiler!
  • Create both GUI and console programs!
  • Create DLL and OBJ files!
  • User defined subroutines!
  • Dialogs via resources!
  • Compiles your program to fast machine code!
  • Built-in assembler!
  • Built-in linker!
  • Built-in resource compiler!
  • 200 commands/functions/statements!
  • No run-time support files to distribute!
  • Integrated Development Environment!
  • GUI programs are as small as 4K in size!
  • Console programs are as small as 2K in size!

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    XPB! Basic 1.12 XPB! Basic 1.12
    Tony Jones

    A brand new 32-bit BASIC compiler for Windows.

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