Pascal Analyzer 4.0.2

Pascal Analyzer 4.0.2 Screenshot Pascal Analyzer parses Delphi or Borland Pascal source code.

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Pascal Analyzer parses Delphi or Borland Pascal source code.

It builds large internal tables of identifiers, and collects other information such as calls between subprograms.

When the parsing is completed, extensive reports are produced. These reports contain a great deal of important information about the source code.

This information will help you understand your source code better, and will assist you in producing code of higher reliability and quality.

Pascal Analyzer features
  • Status Report
  • Warnings Report
  • Optimization Report
  • Memory Report
  • Code Reduction Report
  • Convention Compliance Report
  • Inconsistent Case Report
  • Prefix Report
  • Totals Report
  • Complexity Report
  • Object-oriented Metrics Report
  • Modules Report
  • Identifiers Report
  • Duplicate Identifiers Report
  • Literal Strings Report
  • Subprogram Index Report
  • Bindings Report
  • Third-party Dependencies Report
  • Most Called Report
  • Call Tree Report
  • Reverse Call Tree Report
  • Call Index Report
  • Brief Cross-reference Report
  • Cross-reference Report
  • Conditional Symbols Report
  • Used Outside Report
  • Uses Report
  • Class Index Report
  • Class Summary Report
  • Class Hierarchy Report
  • Class Field Access Report
  • Control Index Report
  • Control Alignment Report
  • Control Size Report
  • Control Tab Order Report
  • Control Warnings Report
  • Property Value Report
  • Missing Property Report
  • Form Report
  • Events Report

  • the reports do not always show complete results. There are also a couple of reports, the Reverse Call Tree Report and the Cross-Reference Report that are not generated

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    Authors software

    Pascal Analyzer 4.0.2 Pascal Analyzer 4.0.2

    Pascal Analyzer parses Delphi or Borland Pascal source code.

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