NuGenImageGrabber.NET 1.0

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NuGenImageGrabber.NET is a useful .NET application created to help you in the saving of images from any source.

The application monitors the clipboard for image types and saves them to disk.

This application is especially useful for 4gl developers (Filemaker, Omnis etc..) where exporting images out of the interface/database is nearly impossible.

For those environments you can simply script the traversing of records using simple copy commands on your image fields. NuGenImageGrabber.NET will then save each image as it arrives in the clipboard. Use case scenarios obviously vary in application.

Simply run application, copy an image to the clipboard, check the images folder that is created in the directory of the running application.

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NuGenImageGrabber.NET 1.0 screenshot

Download NuGenImageGrabber.NET 1.0

 Download NuGenImageGrabber.NET 1.0

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