NetPeeker 3.30

NetPeeker 3.30 Screenshot NetPeeker provides a handy way to monitor your Internet usage.

Developer:   Ming Jin's Software
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NetPeeker provides a handy way to monitor your Internet usage. It lists programs which currently accessing network and shows their current data transfer speed. By using this tool, you can find out answer of question such as why network is so slow? or Is there any hidden programs using my network?.

Currently it can show total Internet access speed and data transfer speed of each process.

IF you want to be able to use NetPeeker for commercial and other purposes you should pay 25 USD for 1 user licence.

NetPeeker features
  • Throttle Priority: Give critical applications more bandwidth.
  • DOS attack detection and block: Block remote address if it try to connect to your computer very frequently.
  • Firewall can run on "Learning" mode: Prompt user before take action, and create rules by user demand.
  • Log live update: Live update log item list when you browse the latest logs.
  • WHOIS now can return domain name registration information.
  • Application traffic graph: display application traffic graph along with total traffic graph.
  • New option to disable updating session information: This will keep low CPU usage on busy server.
  • Now the "Load capture file" feature can load both saved capture file and raw capture file
  • Single driver which compatible with F-Secure and Outpost products, no patch any more.
  • Log viewer can load raw log file.
  • Improved the graph display, more smooth when drag the scroll bar, and display the time range tip while dragging.
  • Event popup "toaster" use different color to indicate different critical level.
  • Change the meaning of system buttons: "minimize to tray icon" changed to "minimize to taskbar", while "exit" changed to "minimize to tray icon".
  • Display full main menu when right click the tray icon.
  • If capture was enabled, system firewall will capture the problem packet automatically when detected attack.

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