MPM MultiPlugMate 1.5

MPM MultiPlugMate 1.5 Screenshot MultiPlugMate is a program for the administration of network setting profiles and is suitable for mobile computers particularly.

Developer:   K. Hofacker
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License:   Shareware
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OS:   Windows XP/Vista (?)
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MultiPlugMate is a program for the administration of network setting profiles and is suitable for mobile computers particularly.

Walk from LAN to LAN and join with just one mouse click! Local area network settings like IP addresses and DNS servers of all network adapters, the proxy settings, the default printer, and all connected network drives are recognized.

Separate functions for DHCP lease refresh and LAN drive connection are provided. Optinally, the program stores authentication parameters (strongly encrypted, of course).

The program works under Windows 2000 and Windows XP and is permanently available in the system tray area beneath the Windows clock. Program languages English and German. Detailed program manual included (HTML and PDF format, both languages).

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MPM MultiPlugMate 1.5 screenshot

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