KSSWare ICQ Sniffer.NET 2.0.2237

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KSSWare ICQ Sniffer.NET is a useful and powerful tool that can extract ICQ-messages from the network stream in real-time. This software is written using the most secure and reliable technology in the world for Windows-based servers created by Microsoft - .NET, and doesn't require any drivers! Sniffer captures all traffic passing through TCP/IP stack and supports any device (Network Interface Cards (NIC), modems, wireless NIC and others).

To extract ICQ-messages on routers with Native Address Translation (NAT), sniffer is using Local Address Translation™ technology, or LAT, created by KSSWare Corporation. Unlike other similar programs, which capture only messages that fit in the network packet, KSSWare ICQ Sniffer.NET completely reconstructs the TCP-channel and captures all ICQ-messages. All messages are displayed in a messages window with three modes of view (all messages to all users, all messages to a selected user, all messages from one UIN to a selected user) and stored as structured log files, which can be viewed later in a built-in messages browser or in any other text viewer.

Here are some key features of "KSSWare ICQ Sniffer NET":

  • High security, reability and isolation from other software
  • Installation and deinstallation are not required
  • Doesn't copy any files into system folders
  • Doesn't require any drivers for working
  • Support of all network devices
  • Running on any platform (x86, x64, Itanium) with installed .NET framework 2.0 or higher
  • Structured messages log
  • Structured messages viewing in real-time
  • Built-in messages browser
  • Built-in messages filter (IP, UIN, ICQ user)
  • Built-in messages content filter with events support (send e-mail & execute command)
  • User connection/disconnection event (send e-mail & execute command)
  • Security code for unauthorized access preventing
  • WatchDog
  • Easy to use (just click on 'Autoconfigure' link in the status bar)

  • Microsoft .NET framework 2.0

  • 3 ICQ-users only
  • Password is not captured
  • Messages log files are not supported
  • Filters are not included
  • Events are not included
  • Messages browser is not included
  • Maximum of 10 messages in the window

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    KSSWare ICQ Sniffer.NET 2.0.2237 KSSWare ICQ Sniffer.NET 2.0.2237

    KSSWare ICQ Sniffer.

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