Asset Monitor 1.10

Asset Monitor 1.10 Screenshot Asset Monitor lets you check if your devices are online.

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Asset Monitor lets you check if your devices are online. See the problems before your users. Asset Monitor gives you a very fast reaction to downtime. Asset Monitor continuously pings critical devices.

This ensures that you at anytime can see if printers, routers and servers are online. Asset Monitor uses a database where you can store useful information about each device's IP Address, ADSL number and technical information.

In Asset Monitor you can assign an administrative application to each device. This way you can control the device with just a click.

  • Maximum 20 devices

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    Asset Monitor 1.10 screenshot

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    Authors software

    Asset Monitor 1.10 Asset Monitor 1.10
    PJ Applications

    Asset Monitor lets you check if your devices are online.

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    Asset Monitor lets you check if your devices are online.

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