ASPXpand 1.0

ASPXpand 1.0 Screenshot Bring to ASP.

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Bring to ASP.Net what you had in desktop development!

Microsoft did a wonderful job of marrying web development to a design environment that desktop programmers could embrace with the dotNet product. However, the web environment lacks many of the features that so appealed to desktop developers.

ASPXpand helps bridge the gap between web and desktop development. ASPXpand offers over 40 different functions ranging from Set Focus and Mask Edit to Auto Complete and handling the Enter Key.

ASPXpand works with all of the native web objects supplied with ASP.NET, making ASPXpand easy to add to new code or existing code.

ASPXpand will work totally nag free in the development environment.

ASPXpand will continue to grow and evolve. We welcome any ideas and suggestions to help make this product what you want and need!

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ASPXpand 1.0 screenshot

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