ANETVBF 2.8.032

ANETVBF 2.8.032 Screenshot ANETVBF, the Microtools Access Whiz Option F is an Access Form Control to VB .

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ANETVBF, the Microtools Access Whiz Option F is an Access Form Control to VB .NET (WinForm/WebForm) Converter.

ANETVBF converts Access form controls only and is the subset of Microtools Access Whiz Options ANETVB and ANETVB7.

ANETVB/ANETVC is a time-saving Access to ASP .NET Web application conversion tool. It will generate VB/VC# .NET scripts/project with easy, readable code and minimize your conversion efforts and costs.

ANETVB/ANETVC converts Access to ASP .NET Web applications.

ANETVBF converts Access form controls including label, text box,list box, combobox, option group, check box, command button, option button, toggle button, bound object frame, image, tab,page, subform, unbound object frame, line and rectangle.

ANETVBF also converts in-form/module VBA code to.NET code. It allows you to select target data connection from OleDB - Jet 4.0 , OleDB - SQL Server, OleDB - Oracle, OleDB - IBM AS/400, OleDB - Sybase ASE, SqlClient - SQL Server, SqlClient - via IP Address, ODBC - {DNS}, ODBC- Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb), ODBC - SQL Server}, ODBC - MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver}, ODBC - Sybase System 11, ODBC - Microsoft ODBC for Oracl}, OracleClient - Oracle8i and OracleClient - Oracle9i.

The converter will generate all the code required necessary files for VS .NET 2002 or later as well as Visual studio 2005. It handles single and continuous subforms.

ANETVB/ANETVC will convert your existing Access to ASP .NET Web applications. It also allows you to take advantage of .NET technology. If you decide to convert your Access to ASP .NET or want to learn ASP .NET then this is definitely the tool for you.

  • Converts mdb file

  • ASP .NET server - Windows 2000/XP, IIS, Microsoft .NET Framework and .NET SDK for ASP .NET projects - Microsoft Visual Basic/C# .NET/Visual Studio .NET 2002 or later

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    ANETVBF 2.8.032 ANETVBF 2.8.032

    ANETVBF, the Microtools Access Whiz Option F is an Access Form Control to VB .

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    ANETVBF 2.8.032 ANETVBF 2.8.032

    ANETVBF, the Microtools Access Whiz Option F is an Access Form Control to VB .

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