Absolute Database 7.30

Absolute Database 7.30 Screenshot Absolute Database - Delphi database system.

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Absolute Database - Delphi database system. Absolute Database is a strong encryption Delphi database system with database engine compiles.

Absolute Database lets you forget the Borland Database Engine (BDE). This BDE replacement is the compact, high-speed, robust and easy-to-use database engine. With Absolute Database you will not need special installation and configuration, it compiles right into your EXE. Make your application faster and smaller with Absolute Database BDE alternative!

Absolute Database features
  • No BDE; no DLLs
  • SQL'92 (DDL & DML) support
  • Single database file
  • Unmatched ease-of-use
  • 100% compatibility with standard DB-aware controls
  • Strong encryption
  • BLOB compression
  • Full source code available
  • Royalty-free
  • Free for personal use
  • No special installation or configuration required
  • Database engine compiles right into EXE
  • Single-file database format
  • Advanced cache management and buffering architecture
  • Sophisticated SQL query and filter optimizer
  • Special optimized database engine for temporary results of SQL queries
  • Fast B*-Tree indexes with high-speed on thousands and on millions of records
  • Buffered transactions for batch inserts, updates and deletes
  • Optimization for read-only databases, such as databases on CD
  • INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE statements
  • BETWEEN, IN, LIKE, IS NULL operators
  • Aggregate functions COUNT,SUM,MIN,MAX,AVG
  • Most of all SQL'92 arithmetic, logical, date-time and string functions and operators
  • Data types conversion by function CAST
  • SQL scripts (multiple commands separated by ';')
  • Parameters in queries
  • Small size of code added into the application by the database engine units
  • Small database file size achieved by customizable page size, compression of table metadata and other special means
  • Fast BLOB data compression
  • Short indexes for string fields
  • Low memory consumption.

  • Delphi 4, 5, 6, 7, 2005, 2006 or
  • C++ Builder 4, 5, 6, 2006

  • For trial and personal use. No limitations at runtime when database is used in single-user mode (1 database connection). On IDE startup a nag screen is shown. In multi-user mode (file-server), nag screen is shown outside IDE.

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