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xDir Library 2.0 is a component that allows you easily to enumerate files and folders in all subfolders of a specified folder in the main or separate process using a lot of filter criteria.

Thanks to this high-performance tool you can:

1)enumerate files and folders in a specified folder and its subfolders

2)filter file and folder list using one or several of the following criteria: file and folder mask (you can use the wildcard characters "*", "?", "#", "[charlist]", "[!charlist]" like in standard VB Like operator); size (xDir supports files whose size is bigger than 2Gb); attributes including such NTFS-specific attributes as "not content indexed" and others; date and time of creation, last access and modification

3)implement context search in file contents using the ASCII and/or Unicode character-encoding scheme

4)create folder and file tree (like in Windows Explorer Folders Bar) using information provided by the xDir component
This component is also a good replacement for the standard Dir function.

xDir 2.0 is available in two editions - Standard and Professional. The Standard edition has been compiled as an ActiveX DLL and allows you to gain the highest performance. The Professional edition has been implemented as an ActiveX-exe server and provides developers with the ability to enumerate files and folders in background process using asynchronous mode.

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10Tec xDir Library 2.0 10Tec xDir Library 2.0
10Tec Company

xDir Library 2.

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10Tec xDir Library 2.0 10Tec xDir Library 2.0
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