OZEXE 3.10

OZEXE 3.10 Screenshot OZEXE is a software development tool with a completely new, yet common sense approach to programming.

Developer:   OZ Development Inc
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OZEXE is a software development tool with a completely new, yet common sense approach to programming. Now you can create and edit executable program files directly, with no need for separate source code files.

If you are an IT professional, a consultant, a student, a hobbyist, or a programmer looking for a powerful, no nonsense development language and environment, OZEXE is for you. A rapid development tool for Windows that takes a new approach to the software development paradigm: OZEXE is the only development system that lets you edit executable files directly, without external source files.

OZEXE is a complete development system that contains the IDE, compiler and linker all in one small package approximately 1MB in size. While size is not a big issue by today’s hardware standards, it does say a lot about the skill and dedication of craftsmen building the product.

The OZEXE language takes a minimalist approach to programming that in turn leads to a reduced learning curve, faster results, and easier maintenance. A complete help system documents the language and IDE, further reducing the learning curve. Anyone with previous Basic or xBase experience will immediately find OZEXE familiar.

The IDE contains a WYSIWYG dialog editor that lets you design a user interface visually, and connect it directly to program data. OZEXE removes the complexity from common tasks such as file access, SQL, ODBC, XML, automated email, printer control and serial communication

Programs created with OZEXE are completely stand-alone executables. They require no run-time system, support files or libraries of any kind.

  • The only “demo mode” limitation is the size of the programs you can write.

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    OZEXE 3.10 OZEXE 3.10
    OZ Development Inc

    OZEXE is a software development tool with a completely new, yet common sense approach to programming.

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